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  1. any questions...pls feel free to PM..do refer the first few pages of the thread for common questions that i have answered.

  2. Yes I am very much here guys! Thanks for asking! i dont log in much these days.. this was my fav site..but i feel im under control of my acne now! For everyone whos asking, i do get the occasional pop ups ..but no biggie. some on-the-spot or toothpaste and its history. :) my red marks have faded completely. my skin is not without a few dents though..sigh..but i think i can live with it

  3. hihi, i have questions to ask u on the 8 steps regimen. Hope u r still active. :)

  4. Are you still on board Delna? :) Just wondering.. :P take care!

  5. hey are u still posting on these forums or active

  6. wow, you probably came up with one of the most popular threads on the org :)

  7. Hi guys...im logging in after ages...got really emotional reading all the thank-yous..im glad my regimen worked for a lot of you who have been suffering like i did, years ago. now i feel i shd have marketed this like that guy who did 'acne-free in 3 days' and made some money LOL!! JUST KIDDING! i wd never make money out of other peoples suffering. im sure someone out there is selling this as their own but i dont care. as long as more and more people know abt it and get thru this terrible nightm
  8. YES VERY MUCH SO!! Thanks for asking lol!!

  9. do u still exist?

  10. hey guys...delna here....just wanted to see how u all r doing with my regimen! i want to congratulate all those who found improvement with this regimen..be consistent! I will be happy to answer any of your questions... c ya...
  11. Hi dtblanton...Im sorry to hear that the mask didnt go smoothly for u. This is exactly why I tell everyone to do a patch test first before doing it all over...you just cannot predict how ur skin will react to different products. So wdnt it be wiser to err on the side of caution? I think ur skin is sensitive to the lemon juice. But dont worry, the redness should be gone in a couple of days...citric acid in very small quantities is not harmful at all. please do not use any abrasives or scrubs or
  12. hi preppy scoot...yes, I have done a couple of silk peels. these are milder than microdermabrasion...so u can imagine how it is..i was not even red after the treatments. What it did, however was to give me a nice glow just like you get after a good facial..it made my skin smooth for a few days and it faded my very very light marks. it dint do a thing for my dark red marks. I thought it worked..i mean, to see my skin that smooth after years was amazing...but the people who see u everyday can make
  13. Guys, just wanted to give you a quick tip...every skin is different so will react different to different treatments. Please do a patch test before you use any regimen all over your face. Eg: on the side of your neck before doing it all over your face. I agree with moni77 and princess that exfoliating too much is bad for your skin. Be very gentle when you do it and if you find your skin is dry red or irritated, wait for 2 days and then continue only if your skin looks ok. This means your skin i
  14. Hi Samatk, You can use white vinegar, though ACV has more antioxidants which is good for the skin. You can get Apple Cider Vinegar is all supermarkets..I get mine from Wal-mart in a big huge bottle and i use it for my face, as a final rinse to my hair after shampoo...everything!! I have not heard of B.soda mask used all over the face...i dont know if its advisable...it is good when used on individual pimples to reduce inflammation or bring the pus out...but i really dont know abt the mask.
  15. hi there, you can believe this or not. Its your choice. the one and only reason you are getting spots one after the other is because of STRESS. Thats right. you get stressed abt one pimple, and your hormones go haywire and you wake up with an even worser skin. Please STOP. its abt time you did. Now heres the good news. Your skin doesnt look bad at all. In fact, for a skin like yours,all u have to do is just take care of a few things and u wd have clear skin in 2 months. unfortunately, patience