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  1. been too long don't you think? *Huuug* (:

  2. Feels like you wrote down my mind. I put my pictures on private and let only the people closest to me see them. Besides acne, I don't quite like the way I look anyway. Oily skin/red skin is horrific for pictures, and though my redness is better now, my oily skin is worse than before . I wear powder and that makes it a bit better, but I avoid photos in general. I go along with taking pictures cus I don't wanna stand out or be the time ruiner, but I really don't like them .
  3. Hey you disappeared D: where's you? You're missed!! Keep in touch xx

  4. True:]! Smashley I've never heard that reason before either but it does sound logical . More reasons to be happy (:! Acne really isn't that bad. No, I don't just have 1-2 pimples. My back has been breaking out bad with cystic acne and my face too, but really, meh, I'm tired of letting it control my life. Not saying I have control over it, but I'm just sick of letting it run the course. Lets practice resisting acne =/. Practice makes better right :]. Acne fighters =p
  5. I'm too lazy to keep up with the entire thread >.< just wanted to write that I feel you, I have a love-hate relationship with makeup too! Sometimes I get so depressed and angry that I'm so dependent on it, about how superficial society can be... but at other times I really have fun putting it on:D. It's easy to too. I think we can count ourselves lucky. It's just makeup.
  6. [email protected], that's a really helpful post. Cheers for that=). Miya, I'm going through the exact same thing, whenever I try to talk about my insecurities with acne, like my close friends, dad, and maid, they either try to avoid talking about it, go very little into it, or completely dismiss it, even though acne does get to me a lot. Don't know how many times I've broken down with tears because of my acne. Lost count of all the times it stopped me from going out even though I really wanted to. The
  7. I'm sorry, but I feel that just because it is an acne forum, does not mean she should not be getting a second perspective. In fact, I think that's exactly what she needs right now, because her view in my opinion, is also limited, by a jealous mind. Sometimes we see only what we want to see, and that can be rather tragic. Vent away? Come on, maybe I'm blind, but I see that as encouraging negative energy. Stop wasting your time and energy being jealous, you know you can put it to better use.
  8. Hahahahaha oh god. I musta been a tid bit hyper hehe. I think the lyrics were just stuck in my head at the time=P. What did you choose? Laser treatments would be the better in my opinion, if you have mostly scars. But then again I'm not a dermatologist >.<

  9. Hey positivity girl! haha didnt know you could change your profile name here. Wish all the best again~

  10. I agree with Yankulov, but I have acne too so I'd understand otherwise. Acne = no big deal =). At least on other people I don't see it as a big deal. I would never judge other people because of their acne. I would never have judged even if I had clear skin, but having acne myself, I really know what it's like. I really wish I could wear nice comfy clothes, like summer dresses and spaghetti straps, bikinis and so on for this summer, but my back acne is stopping me from doing that... my 5th summ
  11. you've been missed =*!

  12. graduating I wish!! no no, moving onto uni :D cannt wait!!! ahh this year is going to be so good for me. Yeah most do go on from 6th form here, which is when you are 16, i went straight to college instead of doing higher (so i could get higher in engineering as apposed to maths history art etc), then went into working full time, moved away wiv my ex etc. Yeah working ft sux lol

  13. Great to hear!

    I left you a PM

    well Have a good Nights sleep then! = P

  14. Been pretty awesome actually =D. I got to meet my besties n we were with each other all day and night=)). Means a lot cus we're all separating soon:'(. How about yours? I'm off to bed now heh >.< nighty =)

  15. Hey Chrsity ;)

    How's your weekend been?

    I just saw your reply via PM. gonna check it out