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  1. Just an update... My scars have had a definite improvement (approx. 15-20%). I have stopped using the cream for a couple days. My skin has felt a bit dry/tight. I am going to purchase a moisturizer and use it at night when there is no cream on my face-- Rumana said this was fine. I will continue the cream usage once I get this moisturizer, and keep you posted... regarding pictures I can not retrieve my old pictures, it won't happen. When I get around to it I will take some pictures. T
  2. Are there any good moisturizers that would not cause more acne or much oilyness for scarred skin. You may know I am using this hormotonic cream and my skin feels dry. A moisturizer will help if anyone knows excellent mooisturizers could you please tell me??!! Thanks a lot I appreciate it!
  3. FREEDOM-- she did not say to take a day off. She just suggested if my skin was getting too tight, only apply it twice daily instead of three times daily. She also said apply the cream every other day. I decided that taking one day off was good. That gel you mention, is it available in the UK? Any ordering websites? Or any other gels/creams that may be of use?
  4. what's the main DIFFERENCE between needling and subcision? I thought they were the same?
  5. Also, I am only using the cream 6 days a week. I am not using the cream at night either. Does this sound reasonable for not over-drying and damaging my skin? Thanks again
  6. FREEDOM-- You are obviously the right person to ask about this stuff.... Should I apply moisturizer at night or or what? What can I do so that I won't end up over-drying my skin, and getting in to the previous situation you had. (I'm sorry to here about that by the way). *** What are some REALLY good moisturizer that DO NOT clog pores etc.... regardless of price? -- any websites?
  7. FREEDOM-- You mentioned "you'd been there done that" with over-exfoliation for scarring pitted. What was your whole experience like (products, results(you suggest weren't good)). Thanks for that!
  8. FREEDOM-- My skin does feel a bit tight (tighter then usual). My skin looks very smooth no tiny bumps or rough patches in the area I applied the cream, which I generally have. Does this therefore mean exfoliation is taking place, and the cream is therefore working? What other products do this and do they get rid of scars like this cream claims to? Thanks for your help
  9. Freedom-- No there isn't any peeling or irritation for that matter... HOW DO YOU KNOW EXFOLIATION IS TAKING PLACE? crappyskin-- I'm not going to argue with you about advertising. Look at my previous posts.
  10. Well my skin looks a lot smoother and better to say the least. My skin still feels a bit tighter but this is to to the skin "dissolving" as the woman put it. Skin usually tightens from ANY treatment though. My skin was much tighter while on accutane for example. Even using benzoyl peroxide skin tightens. * definite improvements, at this stage I will definitely order the cream from this woman. It is apparently 3 small pots of cream which should last a month. I recieved one pot FREE for me to
  11. FREEDOM: well there is NO dry flaking or anything like that. What does the exfoliating your talking about look like?? I am applying the cream on the right side of my cheek. The area is approximately 8cm x 8cm.
  12. Well it's been a few days of using the harmotonic cream and I can see some reults, no joking. My skin does seem to be getting smoother and some hard edges of the scars are smoothing. My scars were not too severe but not shallow either. I would class them as moderate, some mild. My skin seems a bit tighter then normal I suppose because the cream is working away at the scar tissue-- any comments concerning this would be helpful! I'll keep you posted.....
  13. Bumble-- I am currently using free samples she has sent me through the post. When I do decide to order the cream I will send the money by CASH.
  14. Well the tiny bumps aren't irratation and they don't seem to be acne bumps either. I actually brought up the fact that I was getting these bumps.... The new cream is a lot thicker then the hormolink it is thick. It does not absorb to well compared to the other cream I used. She said this is normal until the skin smoothes out a bit, after using the cream for a few days. I've been using the cream for about 2 days now and nothing significant has happened. I'll keep this thread updated, b
  15. Yes, I do remember posting that but it was in the context of her saying that. I am not sure myself if these tiny bumps are my skin exfoliating or not. I can't be sure she is completely right.. Anyone know for sure?