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  1. your acne seems to be hormonal, from what i've read. I'm no expert, but i'm just saying, hormonal acne (such as the kind one might get from taking steroids though i'm not suggesting you did) tend to consist of mainly whiteheads like you have. Go to a dermatologist, because really that's inevitably where you'll end up even if you try OTC products first. Good luck, and remember that it's only temporary.
  2. don't forget sunblock. oh, and saline spray for the inside of your nose in case it decides to screw with you and not get boogery.
  3. .....all over your face? No way. You're lying.
  4. internet person :D funny. i couldn't help but notice your amazing haircut; keep up the good work

  5. deleted. BabySnake.bmp BabySnake.bmp
  6. greetings, internetperson

  7. deleted. tattooed_lady.bmp tattooed_lady.bmp
  8. I haven't had blurred vision, but when I went to take my dog out last night, something a bit odd happened. You know when your computer freezes up, and you try to move a window and it drags across the screen, leaving a trail behind? Everything was doing that, it was so fucking cool. I think my being tired had something to do with it, it hasn't happened since.