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  1. why dont you go to the sk in website, book a free consultation with a nurse, and ask her those questions there instead of on acne.org people dont really seem to answer much here, just read/lurk.
  2. i think the op meant effective, not stupid home remedies. acid peels are the cheapest *effective method* to get good results in short term the most expensive method but most effective is laser, almost instant results
  3. accutane + 2 weeks of sun + salt water + other variables = fading of marks still not the safest thing to do as your skin was torn down by accutane, and you let it out in the sun exposed. i think you might have done more harm than good, but you look great so who knows
  4. wait a few days and they will start fading like magic, good job you got round to getting laser
  5. this is the kind of shit that really ticks me off. idiots coming on here with pathetic home remedies giving other gullible people a bit of hope. because of the circumstances, most people are desperate and will try almost anything. even a 2 week water fast to clear their scars. im not saying a water fast is a bad thing, i've done it before a while ago, but not after practising a juice fast before moving onto just water. and no, that did not magically clear my marks.
  6. yes but atkins idea is to substitute fat for carbs, this is not right as even if its healthy, too much fat is very bad for you, period. the diet above has moderate amounts of fat, high protein, and low carb which is great. end of the day it will improve your skin
  7. Tried and tested for over 3 months - this does work. Firstly, its not easy. I dont live in America so im quite lucky in that we dont have the same "junk food market" with fast food restaurants at every corner, i think for some it will be quite impossible to do it. The Plan: Limited amount of Carbohydrates You might be thinking Atkins? No, this is not Atkins. Atkins is quite dangerous actually and demands constant restrictions of carbohydrates, this does not. MONDAY-FRIDAY 20grams of carbohyd
  8. you wont see any sort of improvement unless you use it 2-3 times a day liberally for months. all these topicals are not as effective as everyone thinks. you need time, and loads of it to see results with these. here is a rough guide for results over time - creams and topicals (stuff you rub onto skin) - will take months before any small difference - dermabrasion - physical things which renew skin cells quicker - again takes a month or more - chemical peels - faster results, 1 or 2 peels every
  9. vbeam is the one i was given, needed more than 1 treatment to completely get rid of em. make sure you wait at least 6 months until skin has healed from accutane onslaught during this waiting time do this and it will help and make you feel better - use a gentle cleanser like cetaphil BUT once your skin starts getting oilier (it will after you stop accutane), start bringing in an exfoliator to use once a day too. - dont shave, grow some stubble or a beard and trim it with beard trimmers. this w
  10. i dont want to be a horrible person who makes people feel bad, i was in the same position and i did appreciate people saying your skin does look a bit better, but deep down i knew it was still bad. instead of lying to make him feel better i told him the truth. more importantly, what can be done to get his skin clear
  11. sorry to burst the bubble but they have not improved. these things are horrible, they can look better or worse depending on light conditions, irritation (look after a shave, it will be super red). if you look first thing in the morning they will look better. i was stuck with these for nearly 2 years, got fed up and had a laser treatment. dont delay unless your OK with trying home treatments for years to come, laser is the only way to get rid of them efficiently p.s im not some laser salesma
  12. hydroquinoine is banned in europe and several parts of the world as its been linked to cancer. i wouldnt touch it with a barge pole.
  13. like i said, its my opinion. if i was some sort of salesman you'd think i'd mention my laser brand or doctor etc.... idiots.
  14. like i said its just my opinion. if you wanna be stuck with marks for years while wasting your money on stupid home remedies then go ahead.
  15. im not a commercial. laser was fraxel restore but anything can help im not posting pics
  16. Surprise, this isn't another home remedy which only works for 5% of people, takes ages to have any sort of effect, the effect being minuscule and ends up just being wasted money. Im not ordering anyone to do this, but i hope the advice can at least knock some sense into people and make them realise how to get rid of any scars or marks or whatever. please just save up some money and get a laser treatment. that is it, your done. home free. clear skin. no more worrying. no more home remedy after
  17. The anti-biotic minocycline has been used in AIDS treatment read the story here: http://digg.com/d31M6mK
  18. let me tell you, if you start on this 'home remedy' path you will be here a long time, you will get through various products, spend a lot of money and get minimal results. you NEED to go to a derm and tell him how you can sort the marks out
  19. AG123


    Hydroquinoine = cancer stop before its too late. its banned pretty much everywhere for a reason
  20. Do your marks look really devil red, then sometimes look light pink (giving you some hope they are fading) and then go back to the former? Mine happens with heat and ex foliating, everything stings and goes bright red. Next day it has settled down and gone pinky. I hate it
  21. to me it looks like you have active acne, so you need to deal with that first. accutane will do a good job of clearing it up - speak to your dermatologist about going on it. after you have finished that course, wait about 3-5 months until your skin has become less sensitive again (if you dont you could do real damage as accutane makes it very sensitive). so after 3-5months start doing treatments like most people on here, exfoliation, glycolic acids and peels to reduce all the redness and marks
  22. lol HD, i'll try yeah but your derm is always your best option