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  1. Your 'Acne' is not bad AT ALL. It is merely a couple of pimples, not acne.
  2. I've been using Retin-A for about 3 weeks, with a great improvement! My redness has died down a lot and my skin is starting to clear up well. Im concerned the stuff will loose it's effect and that my acne will come back. I don't have any pustules at the minute, just some minor pimples, lots of blemish and some b&w heads. What should I do to help keep my skin clear, when the Retin-A has done it's job? Thanks!!
  3. How important is it to exfoliate while on Retin-A. My skin is flaking a lot and I usually use a St. Ives scrub. Any help?
  4. Not bad...At all! You only have a few pimples. Not even proper acne! You should leave.
  5. Shipping from the US is waayy too expensive and I really want to use these! Anyone know of their whereabouts here in the UK?
  6. I have been using Retin-A for just below a week. Before, my skin was extremely greasy and i had a lot of whiteheads and blackheads, along with some small pustules. Now, my skin is dry, which has improved the greasiness a lot, but it is getting very red and sore, and more pustules are developing. Some blackheads have gone and my skin is flaking a small amount. Should i stick it out to get a better result, or should i stop to prevent and more damage? Many thanks!
  7. I am 16 and I need some help bad! My acne keeps getting worse and worse, im failing my exams because i've been so stressed and worried about it. Please someone help me, i don't want to loose my life to acne!! Also, my face is CONSTANTLY greasy and it feels gross! When i'm walking around school i cant even look at anybody! PLEASE help me! Here are some pics...