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  1. I've read that Pumpkin Seed Oil is a good substitute for Saw Palmetto and its high in Omega-3. I just started that, since I'm 90% sure the Saw Palmetto broke me out. Time will tell. Also, anyone familiar with the effects of Echinacea and Goldenseal for acne?
  2. At the beginning of the year, I started going to they gym full time and eating a very healthy diet. I had used CLA before with great results, so I decided to buy more and try it again. A month later, I read some great things about Saw Palmetto and added that to my supplements as well. Around February, I had a really bad breakout. I almost never get huge pimples anymore (thanks to Dan's Regiment) but I was getting big ol' whiteheads. Definitely unusual. I decided that one of the two supplem
  3. ...but the more I think about it, having the major breakouts five days after starting Saw Palmetto doesn't seem like a coincidence. I'm working out six days a week, but I'm starting to think that these supplements are potentially more harm than good, at least for me. I may just stick with my Multivitamin and protein shakes/bars (and Pepcid for reflux). I haven't broken out this bad in years, so something's gotta give.
  4. I tend to buy whatever CLA happens to be available, so I don't stick to one brand. I was on an intense 17-week workout regimen in college (where I also started CLA) and I seem to rememember having worse skin than usual, so I'll call that out as the culprit. The only thing that made me consider it was the Saw Palmetto supplements was the fact I broke out less than a week after starting. What seems more probably? Having a breakout after 3 weeks of CLA (3 1,2000 mg a day) or breaking out after
  5. I've been using Dan's Regimen for years with pretty good results. At the beginning of the year, I started going to the gym full-time to get back in shape and started taking the following supplements daily: (1) One-A-Day Men's Health Formula Multi-Vitamin (2) 160mg Saw Palmetto Capsules (3) 1250 mg CLA Myoplex Deluxe protein shakes after workouts. After doing a little research, I've found that some people breakout from using the CLA, which I otherwise find effective when it comes to my weigh
  6. I've been on the Regimen for approximately two years. When I'm consistent, my skin has been great with few minor hiccups. I bought the CSR Cleanser to try it out after years of faithful patronage and I have to say, it's not that great. There are a lot of posts wondering if they should switch to the CSR Cleanser even if their Cetaphil, Purpose, whatever bar is working for them. I had a cleanser that did it's job and I switched anyway and I'm now saying that I wouldn't recommend it. It's a
  7. Try Curel Ultra Healing as a moisturizer. It says "will not clog pores" and "gentle enough for the face on the back" and it seems to work very well. Might be a great substitute.
  8. Curel Ultra Healing all the way. Love the stuff!
  9. Just something to consider. I found out I was allergic to crab when I worked at a crab feed in high school. The steam from the crab made my face feel really red, dry, and itchy.
  10. Yes, sweating the BP off immediately after applying it can be irritating to the skin. Try Brandy's idea. Have you considered the possibility that you may have a skin allergy as a result of the grass? It's not uncommon!
  11. Certain parts of your face are more senstive to BP. Anything above the cheek bone for me leaves me red and makes me look sun burned. I recommend spot treating sensitive areas (corners of mouth for some, around the eyes, corners of the nose) with salicilic acid or something more gentle if you're prone to acne there.
  12. Hey, I highly recommend trying Curel Ultra Healing as a moisturizer. It's in a blue bottle and you can get a travel sized version of it for $2.50 or so at Walgreens or other drug stores. Try just a little bit on especially dry patches and see how your skin reacts to it. It has shea butter it it (which doesn't seem to clog pores based on the research I've done thus far) so it will moisturize well and sooth the redness. A little goes a long way. It has really helped me and my dry skin pro
  13. Like Dan has mentioned before, we sometimes get careless with the Regimen after a long period of success with it. Are you using a full finger's worth? Upping the dosage (again) when I had a similar problem a few months ago seemed to resolve the problem. Also, be sure to evaluate your cleanser, moisturizer, and shaving cream (if you use it). Check out the message boards for reviews of the products you use. Make sure you change your pillow cases and face towels often too!