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  1. And to make it even better theres about 4 red zits on the left side of my cheek! -_-
  2. Week 5: Bleh, my skin is flake city right now. Parts of my face seem fine while other parts are just flaky/breaking out and ugh.
  3. Wow, I'm glad Aczone is working for you. My derm wouldn't prescribe it to me since it was new and not much has been heard of it.
  4. Hmm, well I'm sticking with it. I might throw out the mask but the toner is helping with the flaking. Before my face was horrid with flaky skin that my cleanser wasn't removing. @stopthemaddness: For some reason it won't let me quote you lol. But I am using Sea breeze Sensitive Skin toner. Heres the link for you http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...WELAID=61295162 I don't excatly have Sensitive skin. But I thought it would be a good idea to get that since I'm using retin-a.
  5. Week 4 1/2: My days are prob off since I get lazy to post and keep pushing it off. Oh well. lol So my face is looking a tad better.Not great..but just a tad better than before. I've started using an egg white mask and the pores around my noes look a tad smaller. My face has a nice bright glow to it also, but other than that I still get a few pimples here and there.
  6. I'm also on Generic and I think so. Usually generic is the same thing just without the price of a brand name.
  7. Week 3 1/2: UGHHHHHH, My face is looking horrid, My cheeks have broken out, my forehead has broken out and oddly enough my chin has stayed clear. Most of the pimple are drying quickly though. I'm trying not to pick..I truly am. But its so hard... But for some good new my face seems brighter, thats about all I've noticed. The flaking seems the under control, Sea breeze is really helping IMO.
  8. I've been using Sea breeze as a toner while i'm on Retin-A. It seems to be keeping the flaking down
  9. Whoops, forgot about my friday post. Busy busy week Anyways heres the update ^^ Week 2: Friday I took B-DS twice for the last time! So far since I've been using Retin-A my face has been getting drier but I've noticed around my forehead, Nose and cheeks that they have not started flaking. My chin is flaking a tad but its barely noticeable. My IB has or hasn't started yet, I can't really tell . Few pimples here in there. I guess the Bactrim is helping. ^^ But since that was just the second w
  10. Ah, well the flaking is starting to get more noticeable and I'm starting to go into IB phase... *sigh*
  11. Thank you! So far everything has been going good. My face is getting a little dryer now but not to bad. Good thing I didn't throw away my AHA scrub, seems like its going to come in handy whenever the peeling starts.
  12. Technically all retnoids do the same thing so wouldn't switching to another retnoid still make your skin shiny?
  13. Quick note: I just got done applying retin-a. Added a little to much in my chin area but atleast i know to add less now . The generic version smells kinda alcoholic. Is this normal or..?
  14. Well, finally got Retin-A 0.25% today Along with Bactrim DS. Well, I got the generic brand but there the same thing right? Anyways, I'll be keeping a log and post a few pics up later. To start off, according to my doctor my acne is "moderate" It may look worse to me but its moderate.(compliment I guess?) Anyways, he prescribed me Retin-A and Bactrim DS for twice a day for the first week and once a day after the first week. My blogs or "posts" will be every Friday since it seems like it would
  15. Maybe he just has naturally flawless luminous skin? xD