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  1. Alright, I am sure just about all of you have used a loofah. I have a very weird feeling towards it. I have found that it actually DOES reduce the amount of pimples on my back. I think its especially because when I use the SA treated cleanser in combination with that, it reaches to every pimple and exfoliates. What do you guys think of using a loofah? Why is it good or bad? I'm just curious...Also tell me about your experience with it!
  2. Hmm yeah as the person above me said, you are definitely exfoliating too much! you don't wanna irritate your skin. I actually think proactive sucks. I have never tried it but i've heard really bad things. You can get all the same stuff in the drugstore, you're literally just paying for the packaging.
  3. Okay, so generally speaking, my face is pretty much normal to oily. I would call it neither. However, there is one place on my face that is oily and flaky. It's like sometimes it will be super-dry and flaky. Others it will be oily and flaky?! This is my nose. It's more specifically just the sides of my nostrils. What can help me? Is there any term for this problem? Thanks.
  4. Yeah luke-warm to warm, this opens up your pores. If you dont use an astrigent or toner, try to end using cold water to close the pores. The astringent and toner help close 'em for you.
  5. Oh the irony of shampoo. Seriously, that is bad for your hair but good for your skin. It cracks me up. It's good to hear that you discovered that though!
  6. Acne can occur at any time. You can definitely cause a lot of acne by touching your face, I am pretty guilty of that. You can have acne in one place and not another! Lol, otherwise everyone would be covered What do you what to know about it? If you want I can give you tips and ideas to help you!
  7. Hmm. I have had problems with blackheads in the past. I am not sure how well BP works for blackheads, the only thing that it does is reduces the amount of bacteria. However, I actually just read up on it and if you use it consistently it should help. Force with acne tends to cause irritation, so literally scrubbing your skin off will not help. Two things that I suggest are definitely to get these two things: St Ives Apricot Scrub (Blemish and Blackhead Control) Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque B