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  1. It isn't there all the time, it goes away when i wash my face and stays away longer with lotion - at that point it is flat and the same color as my skin, but as time passes, the wrinkles appear and usually are red lines. Is there anything I can do for that?
  2. I am 17 and for the past year or so have noticed wrinkles between my eyebrows. I have fair skin and they become these red indentations It's really annoying, I use an exfoliating scrub and I am using the st ives colligin & elasticity enhancing moisterizer, but it still wont go away. It goes away after a shower or whenever I wash my face but after a few hours, it's back. Im not sure how to deal with this?
  3. I am 16. I always have breakouts around the time of my period and recently they have been baddd and my period has been coming every 2 weeks. I started taking pulsatilla (a homeopathic remedy) twice a day at the beginning of this breakout and noticed my breakout had stopped and in 3 days is almst gone! It has also been helpful in treating other pms symotoms. I encourage people to try this! I'm not sure if it works with other cases of acne but sisnce its natural and there are no side effects....wh
  4. Sooo I've been using ACV for about...2 - 2.5 months and havent really seen any improvements. I usually just put it on before I go to bed. Is that not enough? should I be doing it more? It's kind of hard being in school, but I could work it out... Actually, I've had more/worse breakouts since I started using this it seems, but I havent stopped because I have a feelng some if it is caused by my snowboard helmet/goggels and the typical breakout around "that time of the month" that is making it seem
  5. Well...the stress thing would make sunse actually, because my skin was pretty good for a while...I was a little conserned about my chem grade, and I''ve been really stressed about my math grade this marking period...like I bombed one test and brought my straight A's down to almost failing honors math. How would I control acne caused by stress? I exercise and I'm generally not a stressful person, but maybe that little extra worrying is doing it for me.
  6. I've been clear since July - for some reason, I guess the sun and all the water I'm in (ocean, pool, river..) it clears up, since going back to school I've had a few little breakouts, nothing bad...but all of a sudden my face is a mess! I have been using apple cider vinegar with no imporvement...maybe thats been the contributing factor to this horrible breakout? And yes I am guitly o being a picker...i try not to but I just can't help it. Any suggestions? It just frustrates be because I know my
  7. I'd like to hear because I truely believe acne can be controlled with proper diet, I eat well but every once in a while still breakout so I'm curious other foods that might help.
  8. Ok so I cured the acne on my forehead which I fugured out was being cause by my helmet. So I put a baby wipe under my helmet now and my forehead is clear. But now my acne has moved down near my mouth. I get pimples around my nose and lips. It seems like my face NEEDS to break out... when my acne was caused from my helmet, I never hads a pimple anywhere else other than my forehead, so why is it doing this now?
  9. well my face breaks out when I wear a helmet withought something between the helmet and my forehead. All the sweat and oils on there are greatttt at causing acne. maybe wear a hat when you work out a few days in a row and dont wash it in between?
  10. Ok, so I have been putting a baby wipe under my helmet against my forehead then wiping my face with a clearasil pad after and my skin is clearrrr!!!! I am sooo happy!!!! Too bad it only took mea a year to figure this out and i have marks from poping the pimples. ughh
  11. I've tried wiping my helmet out when I am done...it hasnt really helped at all. I am curious to try riding with a wet one under my helmet to see how that works...
  12. So I have pin pointed the cause of the acne of my forehead. I ride horses competitively, so I am riding every day, and I wear a helmet. I went on vacation last week, so I had a week off of riding, and my face cleared up 100%. But within the two days of being home and riding, my acne was back. I recently switched to clearasil...about a month ago, and always wipe my face off right when I get off with clearasil wipes and it has helped, but I still have about 7 pimples on my forehead and when one go
  13. I have very minor scaring on my forehead from a recent breakout that I felt the need to pick at and pop the pimples. There is no way my mom will bring me to a dermatologist, so are there any ways I can get rid of them at home? I heard something about sea salt? I'm up for anything!! Thanks
  14. Well I also use the Aveno clear complexion lotion which contains scalyic acid. I actually tried something new and i have had dramatic results!!! I use a Q tip to apply Bigeloil to my pimples...bigeloil is a product we use on the horses, it is a type of liniment that helps repair damaged tissues and such. I also apply desitin and let that sit for a few minutes...they are all cleared up - I am just waiting for the marks to leave!!! =D
  15. I am thinking about trying a zinc oxide cream...otehrs seem to have had luck with it.