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  1. Hello, I've also started today a second cure of accutane. In the first cure i was on 20mg/day for 4 months, but after some time the acne came back (although in some zones like chin has disappeared forever). I have mild polimorf acne, and this time i plan to be again on 20mg/day for 4 months and then to jump to 10mg/day for 2 months. Also, after this cure i plan to take a 10mg pill every week. Good Luck guys ! Let's kill those monsters !
  2. Mozuki

    Acne Regimen

    Morning: Malizia glycerin soap Brevoxyl (4% BP) Avene cream SFP 50 Night: Malizia glycerin soap Retin-A (retinoin) Ducray Ictyane (moisturise cream) ============================== Start day: 24.05.2009
  3. Yes, there is no problem.My derm prescribed me last year Zineryt(before going to sleep) and Skinoren (in the morning).It's a good regimen but you must use a cream with SFP.
  4. Hey ! we could realise better what kind of acne you have/what products you should use or whether begin or not to start using Roaccutane if you have put some pictures with your skin.So please upload them.
  5. I think simply washing your face with a "cream soap" with glycerin - for sensitive skins would be the best for you.Also azelaic acid (Skinoren) is a good idea in my opinion.
  6. Sea Salt (Sodium Chlorure) is comedogenic !