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  1. i use clean and clear persa gel. its BP and you can get it in 5% and in 10%. i use 10. i usually put it on at night and sometimes in the morning before my makeup to stop stuff from getting worse. sometimes it's miraculous and sometimes it takes awhile. i also use neosporin! it's antibacterial and acne is..well, bacteria. i spot it on after a pimple is "take care of" or where i've picked in order to prevent it from getting gross. i wash my face, put some of that on, then put on moisturizer once e
  2. Diana- thanks for your input! i'm going to test out a few different types of makeup as the weeks lead up to me starting. so far, my skin is taking BE pretty well-- my skin actually looks good! but i will for sure take your advice with a grain of salt. ms. awesome- i usually use aveeno clear complextion moisturizer before i do my makeup at all times. and my mineral veil is hydrating as well so i'm definitely on top of that i hope i have similar results to yours! i'm already addicted to chapstic
  3. thanks! everyone tells me my makeup is horrible and i get that, i just want to cover. then i break out and want to cover more and it's a vicious circle! i tried to suck it up and have been using bare minerals the past couple days. it's not perfect, but my skin can breathe! thanks for your advice!
  4. So, I've been on this site a lot but never felt the need to actually register. However, I'm starting Accutane within this next month as it's summer and I want to get it over with before I start college. I feel like I've always had acne; it's not TERRIBLE but it definitely has me feeling super insecure and of course, like the rest of you, has it's emotional toll on me too. Here's my question though! My acne is mild-ish, some days worse than others, and I live in Arizona (helllooo dryness!). I'm