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  1. The only place I usually get any noticeable oil is on my t-zone and it's drastically reduced in oil because of the baking soda. More on the dry side than anything
  2. Ok, so I have never had the need to exfoliate before. I've noticed lately that there was a part of my skin I had scratched at and it left the marks from where my fingernail had been. Keep in mind I'm pretty picky about touching my face. The skin was not flaky, but I'm sure if I would have rubbed it hard enough it would start balling up and peeling. I decide to exfoliate using baking soda. Testing it one night before to make sure it didn't irritate my skin. So I let it sit on my face for 5 minut
  3. mmm me too =)

    with tons of whipped cream of course! haha

    1. You can't get me!


      1. the filling the teeth thing is off-putting

        1. that is odd. from far your picture is different than when i click you


          1. Necro is a jerk. he's talking smack

            1. There are no definitive answers, because everything with acne is trial and error. What in here contradicts itself?
            2. no, its correct. Vampires have enough crap to deal with. And if I said human with no acne on an acne website, everyone would say that . The idea is to outweight what would be worse to each person. The downsides of vamps or downsides of humans with acne.
            3. idk the types of acne lol. i kinda range from light-moderate. so today is day 12 for me, and nothing has really happened.
            4. i was getting pretty fed up last night. so what i did was i just poured it on rather than gingerly dab it on. for some reason that seemed to work better and didn't piss it off and make it all red. and yes, it was the fresh stuff
            5. thank you, i agree with this even though it sucks to wait that long! :P