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  1. Well i got this zit and it's head came and its so pretty big i dun know what to do i heard its bad to pop it i dun know =[ anyone help??
  2. o wow i started only 1 day before you did =D i wish u alot of luck and looking at ur pic i have the same kind of acne.
  3. 2 Questions Anyone 1: Do you have to put bandaid after Neosporin? or can u leave the Neosporin on the wound 2: Can you put BP over the neosporin or do u have to put the Sporin over the BP?
  4. i feel that way also RAG it blows i'm like a loud happy mofo but when i think about my acne/scars i just stop everything and start feeling bad =[
  5. Is it okay for me to use AHA every night?
  6. Well 4th week on my regimen and i was wondering i wanted to spot treat with AHA+ so this is what i did. Cleanse, then BP, spot treat with AHA, then moistalize is that good?
  7. Just my dad. when he was a kid he struggle with acne and tried things to get rid of his acne and nothing seem to work and he thought i will go the same route he did. But back then he never had Acne.org to go to so this time might be different.
  8. Thanks for your replys i will stick with the regimen longer now =D take care !
  9. when they say its cause from the inside they are trying to say acne comes from the stomach i think. i just can't wait to be clear =[ but thanks for replying.
  10. Well i been on the regimen for like 3-4 week now. My parents keep telling me to stop, saying that acne is cause from the inside and the regimen not gonna do anything for me. I don't know what to do =\. Should i keep going on the regimen or should i figure out what going on inside my body.
  11. Hi the Regimen is going great but i notice that my forehead and nose stop flaking up should i still moistralize there?
  12. Thanks for clearing that up ima go workout now. your the best mod i ever met on Acne.org =D.
  13. Hi i got my supplies and i started my regimen yesterday. But before the regimen i use to always work out in the morning I was wondering if waking up, washing my face, then go work out, then come home, and take a shower and then start the regimen is a good idea. Doing all this around 8-9 AM. Any Tips?