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  1. Everyday when I wake up, I apply it, then afternoon when I get back from school (2:30 pm) then at night before bed edit: you dont wash it off, it absorbs.
  2. haha yup, worth it in the longer run I guess
  3. very true, which is why it's best to catch urine midstream with a cotton ball and apply is directly so it is absorbed by the face, rather than using your hands to swish it around a bit on a side note, can't any product become a breeding ground if it isnt loaded with disinfectant? I may have jumped to conclusions, but after reading the outstanding, healthy effects it had on others and including myself in such a short time period, I've decided that, while it may be gross, it's what lot
  4. When I was 13 years old I started developing acne. The occasional pimple or two; it wasn't really a big deal or so. When I started highschool, that's when it took a rise. I got batches of huge pimples on certain areas of my cheek and forehead (temples included) that would keep returning. I scarred and cratered my face because I popped them so often. My confidence plunged. I would try to hide my face in class, and I would turn red whenever a girl I was attracted to looked at me. I knew her eyes