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  1. ^^ that sounds good. i kno its a tough situation but this site can really help him out. He might even thank you for it afterwards it also shows that u really do care about him..Guys like that feelin. trust me lol
  2. Im good :D

    im happy to hear ur doin good :)

    comment away! :D

    anything new with u?

    1. lol sounds like a plan

      1. LMFAO, I really need to log in and take that BS off. I am even embarassed to have his "typo" behind on there. I will log in and accept your add whenever I log in lol.

        1. na luv..i was talkin bout myspace dood..u sed u put em on blast and i was agreein wit u.

          ha toystory buddy...nice ; ]

          1. Haha, what do you mean? The Org blasts them autmoatically. Thanks for the add though, Toy Story buddy. = )

            1. i sent u a request incase u ever get on..and i see u put em on blast lol..nice

              1. im doin good pretty ok..how r u?..jus thot i would comment

                1. pssssssssssssstttt ;-) how u doin?

                  1. exactly 2 months today!..that i have been on DKR.
                  2. no1 else in my Fam had acne and i use to wonder the same thing. I had severe acne that took over my highschool years..it sucked and it drove me crazy...i changed a whole lot because of it. i was no longer happy or confident and i stopped myself from meeting and gettin to kno alot of great ppl. i guess i was jus scared of wat they might think of my acne.. u kno? nothing seemed to work for me until i ran into this site (thx Dan). and finally im bak to my normal self. to anybody out there dealin wi
                  3. he's a lucky guy to have sum1 like u in his life. im sure every1 here would agree.
                  4. That's a good question. Im starting tha gym in about a week and your routine is wat I was planning on doin. Jus washin my face gently (jus water) b4 heading to tha gym. Its true on how a lil sweat gives that burning feelin...I hate it.