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  1. Well, Im done for now.. Havent been able to get on the net the last few days, and long story short I dont have my camera anymore, so I'll go ahead and use the ones I took in late January as the after pictures. Thanks for all the support.
  2. Applied it 2 times a day, two fingers worth, just on my cheeks and chin with the Neutrogena 2.5% BP
  3. THX - no clue.. I cant really tell whats working and whats not because of all the different variables.. but collectively its working, so I'm just going to stick with what Im doing. Heres a good comparison picture:
  4. Ive been doing this: Day: 1.) Wash Face 2.) Tape Method 3.) BP (2 fingers) 4.) Moisturizer if I needed it Night: 1.) Wash Face 2.) Heat up a wash cloth and press it on my face (started doing that when I got the cyst - I guess it worked) 3.) BP (2 fingers) 4.) Sleep
  5. Yeah BP stuff really worked on me. I wouldnt take the $100.. I would have gladly paid that much for the info if I would have know it would get me clear.
  6. Im a happy camper I could probably call these after pictures.. but Im going to wait until the last minute to take those. Id say im about 90% clear. The cyst is almost non existant.. Im suprised it didnt stay longer than it did. The lighting is weird in these pictures, they were taken a few seconds apart in the same room, same lights... maybe it focused differently. This happened A LOT more quickly than I thought it would. I think its because Ive never tried BP before...
  7. Thought I'd post some good pictures of me... Doesnt have anything to do with acne.. just a few pictures taken of me - for those ladies out there Heh, just kidding. http://keith.dshwrd.com/pictures.html
  8. lol abby... what is it about the left side? My left side is almost clear too.. but my right side got a cyst thats going away pretty fast... hmm... same thing as you.. weird. I sleep on my right side.. and my cheek is pressed against my pillow a lot, thats the only thing I can think of. Ive tried sleeping on my back... cant fall asleep that way though. You progress is great! Do you have any scarring?
  9. Well.. day 16: Heres some picture updates. Cyst had gone down a lot today. Now its just a hill instead of a mountain. It will be gone really soon. Anywho heres my picture update: My left side hasnt changed a bit for a while, or I cant tell. Right side is getting better - no new pimples, just that cyst on my upper cheekbone. I dont look good at all in these pictures... lol. ok heres one of me from about 3 feet away.. I wont make it load on this board just incase theres some 56kers out there
  10. Thanks for the advice. Its not painful at all.. just REALLY annoying!! Hopefully it'll go away within a few weeks.
  11. Dont have a dermatologist... How log do these things usually stick around? Any tricks to get rid of em? How much would it cost to get an injection? I guess I could just go by any dematologist office and have it done right?
  12. Ok, Ive got this big cyst on my upper cheek... I think its getting smaller its hard to tell. It started off pretty small, but I could feel it beneath the surface. It was just a lump, and now its a mountain... Not whitehead though, just this huge red thing. I havent had many of these, I dont remember the last time I had one either - I dont think Ive had one this big.. Its about the size of penny (including the redness around it) Heres my question: If I took a needle and poked a hole in it, wo
  13. Day 13- My left side is pretty much clear now - you have to be pretty close to see my red marks.. maybe a foot or so. My right side is another story. Stupid cyst is still there - its really noticable.. I dont have a dermatologist, or I would get it injected. How much would that cost anyway? Hopefully it'll just go away on its own in the next few weeks. Other than that there are some darker red spots that seem to be lingering.. and one pimple thats pretty much gone now.
  14. heh Nah - I am in a race against myself however. I leave for basic training Feb 10th, and Id really like to be clear by then... New start on life, new face ) Anywho face is almost blemish free again.. should be good by tomorrow (reffering to my right side) I still have that cyst that wont go away. Whats a good way to get rid of a cyst?