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  1. DAY 46 Wow, the time is sure flyin' by. I can't believe i'm on day 46 already. Nothing much has changed since my last post. I'm still clear and Loving it!!! My skin isn't as dry as it was when i first started, but then i am only on 20mg a day still. I'm still worried about how low my dose is tho. I haven't heard of anyone with such a low dose for their entire course. My derm still isn't showing any signs of uping my dose. I am clear tho, so i guess i shouldn't worry. I'd just die if i
  2. DAY 31 Well, it's officially been 1 month on tane!!! I can't belive it. The last 31 days have been....FANTASTIC!!! I've only gotten maybe 3 new pimples since i've started tane, not counting the cysts on the 1st couple days. I couldn't be happier right now. Tane has change my life completely in such a short time. I wish i did this a long time ago! My skin is still pretty dry and so are my lips, but other than that i really cant complain. All i can say is anyone out there thinkin about
  3. 10mg per 2 days? Wow. I don't feel so worried anymore. I guess my derm knows best right. I guess all i can do now is stick with whatever amount he gives me and hope for the best.
  4. Themusic, im glad to hear someone else is in the same situation as me. So far 20mg per day has cleared me alot already and i don't really wanna take a really high dose if i don't have too. I just hope its not gonna be a waste of my time and money.
  5. DAY 20 No real change since last time i posted. I still have no active acne but the problem now is all the clogged pores and black heads. My chin and nose are covered in them!! I can see them starting to stick out of my pores and I wanna just scratch them off. I tried squeezing one on my nose and i ended up scraping off a big piece of dry skin and now i know its gonna leave a yucky scab there. Thats what i get for picking at them. My skin is still getting drier too. Its actually the wor
  6. WOW! You sound just like me! Maybe we're 2 of the few lucky ones who won't get the dreaded initial breakout. I know what you mean tho when you say you feel pretty, cuz i actually do for once in my life. I feel like i have so much more self esteem now. Tane cleared my acne so fast, i pray that it keeps it that way for good! Keep in touch cuz it's nice to kno there's someone else out there who is goin' thru the same experience as me. Good Luck on you course, ~Lafasta~
  7. I'm gonna ask my derm to bump me up to at least 40mg when i see him next. I really hope he listens to me, but if he doesn't and makes me stay at 20mg what am i gonna do? Do you think it's all gonna be a waste of my time??
  8. Hey everyone, I'm on my second week of 20mg/day of tane and i went into see my derm today for a quick check up. He was shocked at how fast my face has cleared because all my acne is gone already and i'm completely clear right now. I'm pretty surprised too how fast my acne went away since it's only been 15 days there isn't a single pimple on my face at all. My acne was pretty mild to begin with so i guess it's possible. My problem is...My derm says he wants to keep me only on 20mg per day fo
  9. DAY 15 My internet was down for a while so I haven't been able to write in my log for a few days. But its fixed now so its time for an update!!! I'd just like to say...I'M CLEAR!!!! And by clear I mean not a single pimple anywhere on my face! The 3 cysts i wrote about before are completely gone now and all that is left is smooth skin. I really can't believe it. Could this be for real? Has anyone else cleared this fast? Everyday i wake up expecting to see the initial break out exploding
  10. DAY 9 acnesuxx: I'm using "Marcel Hydrating Fluid" as a moisturizer right now. It's for Oily skin and it dries with a matte finish so your skin never looks greasy after you put it on. Its very good for sensitive skin because it noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic. It's not a very strong moisterizer though so I think i'm gonna have to change to a different one once my skin starts to get drier. Its pretty expensive too. I pay $17.95. I think you can get it with a sunscreen in it too, which i
  11. DAY 8 1 WEEK DOWN, 15 MORE 2 GO! I can't believe i'm done 1 week on tane already! Its gone by really fast so far, i just hope the rest of the weeks go by this fast. So I was right about the itchyness on my chin. Another cyst did pop up on the left side of my chin, and it is startin' to hurt. The one on the right is almost gone now though which is good. The one on my nose is gone, just dry skin left where it was. My chin is still REALLY itchy still though. It got so itchy today at work i
  12. DAY 6 Skin is definately dryer today. A little flakey all over, but still not too bad. I think the initial break out is gonna start soon because there is a cyst growing on the left side of my chin and it's really hurting. There's also one on the tip of my nose too, YUCK! This is really wierd to me cuz before i was on tane i never got cysts ever. I sure hope i don't get more cuz the one on my chin is killin' me! OUCH! I put some BP on it, which i know ur not supposed to do while on Tane, b
  13. Day 5 Okay, I just have to say today was a great day skin wise. I don't know if its too good to be true but my skin seems to be clearing alot already. I only have 3 small white heads by the corner of my mouth on the right, and a tiny one on my right cheek. My forehead still has those bumps on it too, but they seem less noticable today too. I know its too early for the tane to be working but i don't know any other reason why my skin could look this good. I'm gonna enjoy this while i can, b
  14. DAY 3 So i popped my 3rd pill today at lunch. So far no side effects that i can tell, unless you count my skin started to feel a little tight when i was drivin' home from work today. Hmmm....wonder if it could be the tane starting to work already. I sure hope so, but i doubt it. So my skin condition at the present time...surprisingly not too bad. I got a few small whiteheads at the right corner of my mouth, and 2 on my left cheek and by my lip on the left side. My forehead has those bump
  15. Hey, I just started accutane today, so we started almost at the same time! I started a log too so i can track my progress. Neways, i just wanted to say hi and its nice havin someone startin same time as me. Good luck on ur course, hopefully we'll both be clear in a few months (maybe even sooner)!!