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  1. steners

    My Regimen Progress

    Just a few pictures showing my progress on the Regimen. I have had acne since I was 12 and have been on so many treatments and medications it would take up to much space to list them. Finally, something seems to be working...
  2. so, I did cut down on carbs to lose weight, but from the start I didn't cut out carbs the way a lot of diets tell you to. I focused on cutting out breads and pastas (and I realised, as a bonus, that I was less bloated) but I supplemented these with vegetables, and importantly, fruit. As a result I was still getting carbs from the fruit but they weren't refined carbs. I also did increase the protein, and started snacking on biltong instead of sweets. I did lose weight - from 79kg to 70kg in just
  3. I'm a pretty naturally pale person, but even I have become paler. I think that it's due to the fact that i am now using a better sunscreen on my face, and I am "peeling" more. on a new note, I just received my first batch of AHA. Dan says to replace my night moisturiser with the AHA - so I must put it over the BP? Just wanting to check.