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  1. yeah it has :P how have you been?

  2. Don't forget, correlation doesn't mean causation; just because you lost weight does not necessarily mean getting acne was a consequence. Most people get acne randomly at any given time growing up and unfortunately for a lot of them, they will rationalize a cause that explains it.
  3. your acne looks like mine did. taking zinc and avoiding dairy products keeps me clear, but im sure youve tried this and all the other nonsense considering youve done accutane before. id try taking anything before poisoning myself with accutane
  4. im good :) just talkin to cool people

  5. hello again ;) hows ur life goin?

  6. you have a beautiful face

  7. arg, it was freaking hot today! where are all these clouds you speak of?

  8. i could probably not go vegan.. or do serious acne drugs. too difficult. hey girls dont need to workout lol. you look just fine :P

  9. I don't think it's just a state of mind.. the way your face looks definitely influences everything. Oh i added the girl on facebook lol. i dont know why my face cleared up, all i know is that i quit dairy and do zinc and workout. maybe its a coincidence

  10. theres no permanent fix im thinking. if its oily and never flakes, id say wash your face a little more often in the trouble areas, not harder, just more often. dry using a towel thats made from cotton and polyester as well, it seems to be much softer and absorbs moisture better.
  11. i would definately say yes. anytime youre putting toxins in your blood it irritates your skin and turns it red and sweaty; you may feel very warm when youre drunk, even if youre in the snow. alcohol seems to just make my skin blotchy... but to be fair, whenever i drink i also happen to be up quite late. missing sleep can do this too
  12. I did a post talking about 'talking about your acne openly' as a form of comfort. I think it's still really hard for people. Nobody without acne knows anything about acne. This is just how life is, but we cant exclude ourselves either.... We as humans always make a beauty assessment when we meet another human. We are wired from evolution to seek it out. We can talk about things like inner beauty, but do people without acne not also have this? If inner beauty includes happiness then it's for sur
  13. My face has been clearing up a lot, and Ive been working out a bunch as well. So long story short, my friend and I go to a bar last night we've never been to before and its pretty crowded. I was feelin pretty confident so I decided to approach two strangers who also happened to be the best looking girls not just at the place, but probably in town. Now to be fair, Ive read Mystery Method ..but I know for some of us in the acne community, this would normally be a nightmare because we're visualizi
  14. It's kinda funny too, i never really noticed how many people actually do get mild acne. Maybe its chance, but now that i think about it, id say ive seen acne on about 75% of the people i know at one point or another however small it might be.
  15. So I've done some experimenting on what I've read around here and yeah, by taking zinc and avoiding dairy products my face hardly gets messed up anymore. I stopped eating cheese, butter, chocolate and milk and I'm reluctantly doing 100mg of zinc at night. I also do fish oil; I'm not sure whether that actually helps with dry skin or not yet.. I hope this isn't all a coincidence but its been three weeks now and I still look good.
  16. i started with a 30 mg optizinc and i felt so dizzy that night. instead of try it again i went back and got a different brand of 50 mg of zinc picolinate. ive been on that for about two weeks and felt fine, i think its helping my face too, really.. im kindof experimenting now since i have 4 different zinc bottles. i just popped a 100 mg pill tonight.. but im pretty sure i will stick to my 30, 50 or 75 ones. does anybody know if it would be bad to go on a rotation of different brands and diffe
  17. scope the restaurant before you go, check how close the seats are and the lighting. request a booth or something. i can only do this on good days, and i have to order bite size things so that i dont stretch my skin and cause flakes around my mouth
  18. lol, ive only been there once. it seemed like a cool place

  19. i just use dans stuff like once a week, and zinc and fish oil. im kindof experimenting right now. do u rele live on the coronado island?