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  1. I think it's time, we give it up

    And figure out what's stopping us

    From breathing easy, and talking straight

    The way is clear if you're ready now

    The volunteer is slowing down

    And taking time to save himself x

  2. I'm alright, definitely have been better.

  3. yeah it has :P how have you been?

  4. heyy its been a while.

  5. Don't forget, correlation doesn't mean causation; just because you lost weight does not necessarily mean getting acne was a consequence. Most people get acne randomly at any given time growing up and unfortunately for a lot of them, they will rationalize a cause that explains it.
  6. hows it, just read bout ur nite in town lol had a similar experience a few weeks ago, good times at bars :)

  7. your acne looks like mine did. taking zinc and avoiding dairy products keeps me clear, but im sure youve tried this and all the other nonsense considering youve done accutane before. id try taking anything before poisoning myself with accutane
  8. im good :) just talkin to cool people

  9. Life is ok man, urself? =)x

  10. hello again ;) hows ur life goin?