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  1. Thanks for the the recommendations girl! I've thought about going for a second round of accutane but I'm still waiting for an appt. with my derm to discuss other options. Since last week my skin has improved a little more but I still can't get rid of 2 blemishes that makeup doesn't cover well. So frustrating especially since I just started my new job this week. I have never tried going on birth control to improve my skin so maybe that it something else I can look in to as well Thanks again for
  2. Haha! They actually say that Ecuador is one of the best places to retire to since you get the most out of your money. They use U.S. Dollars over there so your money gets you a lot! Thanks again for the kind words
  3. Leanna- I've been dying to go back ever since I returned to the US! Haha. To this day, it was the BEST and HAPPIEST time in my life when I lived there. I've thought about working in South America many of times but it's hard to get a job that pays high enough to pay off my school loans at the moment. Maybe in another few years I'll look into moving back there for a little! I was just in Italy for two weeks in August visiting family and my skin is always under control there as well. I agree with y
  4. Thank you for the kind words! It's just such a struggle when your skin finally gets clear to being back where you started . I'm still going to continue exercising and maintaining a healthy diet but as much as I hate going back to see a dermatologist, I think I need to see what other options I may have. Thanks again for the well wishes and good luck on your journey as well! Hoping we will both find success!
  5. Wow, never thought I'd be back on this website 4 years later after I went on accutane when I was 19, but here i am. To catch anyone up who's reading this, I'm a 24 year old female who has been suffering with mild-moderate acne for over 10yrs now. I decided to go on Accutane in 2009 when everything else failed (prescribed pills and topicals). My skin was great after completing my 6 months on accutane. It remained great for about 2 years after that. I'd say within the last 2 years my skin has been
  6. Feel like I'm in the exact situation as you right now. I'm 24 and have been suffering from acne for at least 10-11 years now. Went on accutane when I was 19, it worked pretty damn good for a year or so after that. My skin for the last 2-3 yrs can usually be covered pretty good with makeup but I keep breaking out with bad cysts now which is always on my my chin/jawline area and around my mouth. It's so bad right now and I start a new job on Monday. I've tried just about every pill and topical tre
  7. Hey! No problem! I'm glad my blog was able to help you out! But you'll seriously be so pleased with the results when you're done! Time flew by so quickly when I was taking accutane. I honestly have never felt so much confidence in myself until now. Good luck with everything, and I'm sure you'll have great success! JUst stay strong and think positive!
  8. so I haven't posted here in a few months. but I think I've been off accutane for the last 7 months now. I honestly can't express how thankful I am for going on this medicine. I've never been so confident in my life. When I talk with people I'm not afraid to look directly at them instead of trying to hide my face. When I take pictures with my friends who have perfect skin, you'd never even be able to tell I used to have horrible skin. My skin looks just as good as theres now. I rarely get pimples
  9. hmmmm so I've been off accutane for almost 3 months now! wow time flies by so quick! it's kind of weird not developing new pimples on a daily basis. I still wear some cover up because I still have some small scars from previous years of constantly picking at my face. but once a bit of cover up is on, my skin is almost flawless looking. I just got back from Florida too so the sun also helped my skin color look a bit more even. but I rarely have any breakouts. even if I develop a pimple, it goes a
  10. hmm Harrison sounds familiar but I'm going to be 19 in July

    1. I'm from Harrison, how old are u, it doesn't say on ur age thing

      1. I'm from Long Island. what part of Jersey do you live in cuz alot of people from my school are from jerseyy

        1. I'm from Long Island. what part of Jersey do you live in cuz alot of people from my school are from jerseyy

          1. Where in NY are u from? im from jersey but my family and i go around ny a lot, usually by 53rd st and 5th ave