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  1. Thanks both for your answers. NO I have not looked into subcision. I'd actually would recommend peels to her first before any invasive procedures. Plus I think subscicion is not really available in my area for some reason.
  2. This is not really my problem, but somebody asked me about back acne (for her boyfriend) since I had mentioned about Fraxel to her. I don't know what kind of scars he has, but she told me it's either like enlarged pores or maybe hyperpigmentation from back acne. I wouldn't want to tell her to get Fraxel for the back since it's expensive.... Anybody here maybe can recommend peels? I was thinking maybe some spot TCA, and/or lactic acid for a more general application? Thinking of getting some f
  3. Picking, using soap from clinique and using a wrong moisturizer growing up.
  4. Dang! Lookin' good so far! Good luck to you man...you and Dudley should exchange notes! He has done three Re:pairs and I'd say he's one of the experts on this board!
  5. Whoa...that's definitely pretty severe! I only experienced maybe TWO spots that had very small pin-point bleeding, and that was back during the 2nd treatment! (maybe even 1st). I will think this through and ask my practitioner later what kind of approach that are best for my deeper scars. I actually counted the major ones that i think are stubborn...about 15-20. If we can take care of those, I'll live with the rest of the shallower ones.
  6. Thank you Belly Dance! Wow for such energy level, your face was not red that much. Mine was about twice as red as yours even at level 6 (at least the first couple treatments). I'd have to say though the fourth one was not as red (maybe only slightly redder than your third pic). but for some reason I felt the laser more. I started flinching maybe after the 5th (out of 8) pass. And my scars are far deeper (and wider) too. My plan is maybe to have her not do as many passes generally, and do more
  7. Turn off the lights when you go out on dates you won't see each other scars!
  8. Belly Dance....could you share with me your email? I hope you can share a pic on your higher level treatments....

    PM me please :)

  9. Thanks Bellydance!! I was hoping you'd check in!! Yeah I noticed that you have pretty high level....and 12 passes. As you can see from my signature, the highest I've had is level 6. Overall....it is what it is. I'm definitely not looking for perfection. So far the nurse has treated me with 70mj max for spot treatment which I think is a good energy strength. Maybe I should just wear my big boy pants and ask her to do 10 passes on those scars, up the level to 7 and not to worry about my whole e
  10. How was the pumpkin pie LOL!

  11. Ah Singapore?! Ten days for red face is normal lah! So do you remember what level it was? Level 5? 6? 7?
  12. Depending on the red marks....I can't answer that. Hey..where are the rest of the peeps...I post questions for answer! not to answer more questions!
  13. lol from 4 months ago? No...normally it's like this for me: Day of treatment up to three days later: Dark pink to medium pink Three days-one week: medium pink, to start crusting (you see small laser dots/skin peeling), and it peels naturally, daily and revealing light pink new skin underneath. One week-10 days, very light pink new skin, people wouldn't know you've had laser treatment. You'd look a little more pink if you took a very warm shower or after exercises, but other than that yo
  14. I think for me personally it has helped a lot in my chicken pox scar recovery (I had the pox back in June-July). Tough for me to have pictures because the before picture that they took, was before the chicken pox (which unfortunately happened after I had my first treatment). I am now at treatment number four, which brings back my face almost to the pre-chicken pox condition, with the exception of few stubborn scars. Discoloration definitely improved at least 50-75%, but I think I'll have to