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  1. I would recommend accutane, it was a very difficult process to go through emotionally, but God got me through it! and i no longer worry as much about how I look. I know the suffering people go through that have to deal with acne and its something alot of people dont understand. But there is hope! I pray that anyone who take it will have a good experience and get through it and remain strong! Good luck!
  2. it changed my life for the back...no permanent side effects....but its positive effects arent forever..im looking to go on it again after 6 months
  3. really? thats why I dont like winter! the light seems sooo much brighter and cold so my face gets red on tap of everything else! I dont like natural light when I am inside, but when I am outside I dont mind it. if that makes any sense! haha
  4. Aside from the obvious (doing social things and talking to people) I don't wear my hair in a ponytail (which makes it hard to workout sometimes) I hate it when the curtains are open letting the natural night in (no one else seems to understand this!!) Talking about skin or appearance with others, if someone brings it up I get really annoying
  5. My skin sucks...not just on my face but on my legs and arms (excema) I sweat alot (!!) Im kinda quiet ( not totally bad) I guess I dont have that much to complain about
  6. I know how you feel!!! and I feel the same way alot of the time....Its scary but it is partly true.....Im living a really good life now that I know I couldnt have it my skin was as bad as it was 6 months ago!!!
  7. thats what i would think, BUT I got a job when I was at my worst (I still cant believe I got hired, but thank god I did) But I never got another job after a few interview and I totally blame my skin for that...but IM getting another chance and I feel I can get it this time! so we will see....
  8. I have no idea... maybe I dont want to know...every now and then I take a good picture and I like "ok I can get through this I look good" but then usually when I get up and before i go to bed I dont even feel human.
  9. NO....I tell myself everyday that I have not brought this on myself....thinking any different could lead to very bad things.
  10. acne in not the battle its the mentality that comes with it. at least for me it something that someone who hasn't gone through it will never understand......and that makes me very angry and frustrated.....
  11. ugg that just makes me so mad! I dont understand why people have to go through what you are! I really want to be friends with you....if only I knew who the people like you are I would talk to them and try to be there friend. I know what you are going through, Im hoping it in my past now because right know things are going pretty good for me. Pray.
  12. its made my very very angry at God and other people....and not really have any joy in living
  13. really ok good to know (haha) but looks still are ALOT of thing even if they arent everything...they are my confidence and happiness, look good keeps me alive.
  14. because no know really knows what we are going through, they are so insensitive.