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  1. I have been off accutane for about 2 years now and have occassional break outs here and there.. but i agree its far more managable that the time before accutane.. But if it goes on for 2 long then i mite go back on it.. so i am gonna keep checking your post to track your progress... to plan my next move... All the best girl..
  2. Thats nice.. prednisone is to control ur brkouts.. thts nice.. concealer is such a life saver but try to go a few days without it IF possible.. i know how difficult that is.. cant wait to see ur pictures with major improvements !
  3. Everything u r goining thru is perfectly normal.. jst hang in there and leave your skin alone.. jst take the meds and maintain ur daily skin care.. the first 2 months are the most difficult ones.. believe me.. U will gt there soon where you will b able to look at skin and go.. WOW.. All the best!!!! Keep us posted...
  4. Hey there.. i hve used accutane myself for about 4 months or so.. throughout my course i was kept on 20mg daily.. I weighed 150lbs back then.. but it worked well.. the progress was very slow but it worked out well in the end.. it took me around 3 months to see any visible results.. your skin is going to be purging out all the impurities there is and its the mst difficult phase right now.. battling with depression was the worse.. hated seeing myself in the mirror.. just hang in there and it will
  5. Hey they girl.. i can completely relate to wat you are going through.. i was on Isotretinoin 20mg for 6 months.. the breaks outs that you are seeing are just a part of "getting worse before its best" My skin completely cleared.. and I have been off accutane for one year now and my skin is flawless.. may b a zit here and there.. but nothing major.. just hang in there sweety.. u will love the end results.. All the best!
  6. Hey.. I have to agree with Kimminz.. You are sooo full of good and positive vibes.. which is extremely important while you are on tane.. Cos it can get you feeling really low at times... i was super depressed and worried all the time.. I would break out like crazy too when I was one tane which made me really cranky.. but thats what tane done.. it purges out everything from your skin.. I was on Accutane 20MG once a day for about 6-7 months. I had moderate acne but persistant just like yours. The
  7. DAY 50 I am "ACNE FREE". I dont have even one active on my face right now. I had one yesterday it was gone by the time I woke up. It kept becoming larger with this puss head and fell off in the shower... unbelievable. And it felt like it was never there. My skin is getting drier and but really nice. I super super happy. I am going to click pictures for sure and put them up for you all to see...
  8. DAY 47 My skin is getting better. I need to click pictures and post it up here. Will do that tonight. I dont know what is making it better, the pill betnesol that the doc gave me or the acnemoist cream?? dont really care anyways.. lol.. just have a few scabs on my right cheek from the breakouts that I popped 2 days ago. They are drying off and I am guessing will fall off in another 2 days or so. no actives at all anywhere my face. Just a couple of old ones. On the left hand side of my fo
  9. WHOA!!! Good job.... I love the way you have maintained a detailed log of your accutane experience. As you must have already seen, my blog totally depends on my mood. There are days wen I feel like writing just cos my skin is behaving well and some days wen its bad I am all frustrated. But I am trying my best to maintain a regular entry. Thanks for being so informative. I am on day 46 and I dying to reach month 3, cos like you said that is when the good times are suppose to start. Cant wait. All
  10. My face is feeling really good today. I guess the accutane has finally begun the healing process. Like i mentioned I am using the "acnemoist cream" on my face in little qauntity and suprisingly its neither making my face really dry nor oily. I used a little bit of liquid foundation to hide the readness and its actually is drying up my actives..... yeay!!! My friend is coming down on 27th June and we are planning a vacation so obviously lots of pictures will be clicked. Need to look good. I am ju
  11. Hey there tommy.. hows it goin... sorry abt the damn mosquito bite.. it will go away. i am on 46th day and trying really hard to hang in there... almost on the verge of giving up. I saw the derm 2 days ago and he asked me to continue 20mg/day for another 3 weeks. My face isnt oily at all which is surprising the derm too. He said that it must be hormal thats why it is taking that long for accutane to kick in. I asked me to up my dose, he said no, that wont be necassary. he also gave me tablets
  12. Hey.. just wanted to stop by and say hello and all the best with your accutane journey. Ciao...
  13. Day 46 My skin seems to be behaving well today. I had picked on a couple of break outs yesterday and they seem to be healing nicely. Have dry skin forming on them. But I have decided I am not going to pick on any break outs anymore. I have started using Saslic foaming face wash again. Its drying off my break outs, which is good. I want to get the clear skin now.. tired of this....
  14. PICTURES one thing that I forgot to mention is that I am picking a lot... I need to stop but have no clue how. Here are the pictures that I just clicked after taking off the peel off mask and washing my face. I need comments on how my skin is looking right now. dont want to fall off the wagon...
  15. Day 45 Popped my 45th pill today. skin is pretty much the same. Noticing some new bumps on the forehead and cheek area. I used an orange peel off mask and my skin is feeling a little smoother. I have been reading a lot about hormonal acne, cos thats what my derm was talking about. And supposedly taking BCP seem to help. Should I go on BCP?? I dunno.. i am just a little curious. Cos even at this stage I am still getting new break outs. just a little upsetting but I am doing a lot better than I