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  1. Hi, just wanted to say good luck with the Acutanne experience! I don't want to jinx it, I'm on day twelve, but honestly just like someone said I did start to see results the next day after I took it. Not extreme results but little ones here and there. Then, I found by day five my face was cleared up except for a couple which is nothing, and just red little marks left over from the pimples. So it's true that some people take to it right away. Anyway, good luck.
  2. Day One Baby! So It's officially Day one, and to be honest I am friggin' exited! I'm so pumped and ready for this. I've read plenty of good stories on the internet and I just really want to have a clear face too! I read that people in the USA had to pretty much jump through hoops to get Accutane. In Canada, they pretty much beg you to take it. No Joke. And you don't have to take a blood test before, or be on birth control, you just HAVE to know all the things that could happen if you do thi
  3. Introduction To My Life so Far.. I am so Done with Dots. And not the pretty, colorful kind either. The pusy, red, inflamed cysts that infect a face for weeks without getting any better. I'm done with having to wake up in the morning and cringe when I look in the mirror. Turning the light off so I don't have to see how horrible my face looks. So I'm eighteen years old, a female and have been living with acne like a unwanted in-law for about six years. Since I was twelve. Of course it wasn't that