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  1. Remember when you posted those whorish pics of you with your protruding nips and everyone complained? That was hilarious!

  2. Hey Janey, checking up on you if you ever look back at your page. Hope you're doing alright

  3. Janey where are you? Come back : )

  4. im new on here just wanted to say hey hows it going.? :)

  5. If you ever come back and look at your page, I want you to see this: sending me that picture was extremely rude and immature. I don't know if you sent it because you had a problem with me or the person supposedly in it, but I do not appreciate the action and I hope that someday you learn a bit of maturity.

  6. ...are you really gone?

  7. Don't leeeeave. Clear out your inbox so you can PM...mkay?

  8. Hey :D

    Here ya go a nasty pic of Funsince1983 pale ass. Had to do that before I left as immature as it is, but putting hoes on blast. Take care sir.


  9. Haha it's all good. I find it funny to what extent people hate. Some people just love making mountains out of mole hills you know.

  10. Im only telling the truth :) Btw I thought your pic being deleted was very harsh I have seen worse on this site

  11. Hope your surgery went well <3

  12. You are a sweetie kiddo! <3