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  1. AKL

    Happy birthday! :D

  2. Take out coconut products for a couple of days and see how it goes. Some people get problem with it. If removing coconut products alleviates the situation, add coconut oil back. Normally coconut oil is not a problem, but coconut milk can be a problem for some.
  3. If I am not mistaken she is following Bee's anti-candida diet. Just to point something out, paleo diet is not about macro-nutrient distribution but rather about food quality. In fact, your average paleolithic hunter-gatherer consumed 20-30% of his calories from carbs (moderate carb).
  4. The diet is not for "some stupid apes", it mimics what humans would eat in the wild.
  5. This is as biased as it can get. It reports what people think, not any facts. I would completely disregard it.
  6. You can't possibly sustain that diet for over a a week or two. More than 40% of your calories are coming from protein which surpasses our biological tolerance for protein. Search "rabbit starvation" on google to learn more about it. Add more fats to your diet; pastured lard, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, EVOO, etc.
  7. Make sure you are eating enough and just get through the first 3-4 weeks. Again, it's really important that you eat enough. Protein and fats are more satiating than carbs, so you might be under-eating.
  8. You are welcome. Glad I could help. As a side note, fruits are mostly carbs (in the form of fructose and glucose).
  9. I have only read good things about this farm: http://www.texasgrassfedbeef.com/
  10. Yep, you've got your glycogen storage depleted for the first time in your entire life. It's rough when you are not used to it, your body simply cannot use fat well enough, no matter how much of it you feed your body you are going to feel kind-of-tired. If you bear through it you'll adapt, for most people it takes ~4 weeks, assuming you are eating some fruits. It may take longer to adapt to <50-100g of carbs per day. If you do want to keep going without fruits, what's happening is that your br
  11. **If you are eating fruit disregard this message. Paleo IS NOT low carb. Go ahead and have some fruits if you need them (do not add beans, etc). Paleolithic groups consumed somewhere between 15-30% of their calories from carbs. If with time you get "stuck" then you can experiment with lowering carbs further. BTW, by any chance was this 3-4 days after going low-carb? That's normally how long it takes for your glycogen deposits to deplete. The truth is that with time your body will get used
  12. Here is a guide:http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/articles/foods18.php . To dry them up I use one of those square white fans, rest it in between two chairs (air flowing up), and place the nuts in a strainer which I put on top of the fan. Is much easier and quicker. Hope that helps.
  13. Creatine makes me breakout like crazy. L-Glutamine does the same but to a much lesser degree.
  14. I partially agree with you. Even though I follow a lower-carb version of paleo it is purely because I have noticed it clears me up faster. The actual studies that have been done in paleo follow Cordain's rendition of paleo, higher in fruit, lean meats, and lower in fat. They have had amazing results. Today there's no evidence to show that doing lower carb will be better in the context of a paleo diet. But again, this is just what I have noticed works best for acne. I will reintroduce fruits an
  15. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question.

    my political views are explained in my latest thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Political-Affiliation-t276538.html&gopid=2933202#entry2933202