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  1. This makes me really happy to hear. Mainly because I was the same way when I went vegan for a month. I remember the feeling of waking up and my skin being "normal" as opposed to washing all the oil off, or even after a long day and coming home and not being able to wait to clean my face. It was pure bliss. As said before, this may not work for everyone and not arguing whether we are made to eat meat or not, but just as certain vitamins and supplements work for some people. Certain diets work a
  2. I'm not one to smash people who eat meat, I occasionally do now, and I'm not one to go around promoting vegan-ism but I did go vegan for a month and my skin was the clearest it's ever been. I guess it all depends on your previous diet and how you eat while going vegan. I know a few overweight vegetarians because they would eat large amounts of cheese or carbs to substitute for other things. It's very tricky when first switching over to vegetarian/vegan. Understanding what you can and can't eat e
  3. You might be interested in watching Forks Over Knives. I watched in on Netflix for free, not sure if it's still on there. Might be able to find it online somehwere but part of it basically explains how our bodies weren't meant to consume animal protein. Wheather through milk or meat. When they increased levels of casein given to lab rats they actually found evidence of cancer growth. It's been awhile since I've watched it but there was some scary stuff in it and lots of evidence and science t
  4. Don't know what to drink anymore.... Apparently bottled water is bad for you because of the plastics used to make the bottles too. Damn. Western Europe is the place to be, 98% rejected. They got it right.
  5. Found this link and if you spend any time reading it you will get the feeling that its a joke, especially if you continue to read on.... At least thats what I got from a quick overview. http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/index.php/live-blood-analysis-the-modern-auguries/ I was kind of worried about this before I posted it. Seemed a little strange that you could tell sooo much from a drop of blood and it was in a store that sells products that "help" with the problems. I could be wrong but
  6. Yah I am trying to look into that. Still might be worth it for only $50. If some of the results seem totally bogus based on what I know about my diet, supplements, etc then I can always look into something else. Only thing that worries me is that its at the health store and would imagine they would probably be like I would recommend this, this, and that at the store. Good business for the store but I don't think they would be doing just to fool people into buying more product etc. I would def
  7. So there is a health food store around here who is hosting Nutrional Blood Analysis this wekeend for $50 and am considering getting it done. They take a couple drops of blood and put it under a microscope and go into detail about oxygen levels, status of immune system, digestive problems, and nutritional deficiency, etc. Has anyone ever had one of these done and tried to correct the stated problems and seen improvement in their acne? I found this link on someone who posted a couple years a
  8. This is blowing my mind..... This describes me perfectly. Just bought some TMG. Looking into it more and more. Please let this be the answer!
  9. I've heard people say sleeping without a shirt on has helped. I always wear clean and loose shirts when I sleep. If your going to sleep without a shirt on, your going to have to wash your bedding more frequently. Easier to change a shirt than bedding. All in all I don't think this has much effect on body acne. Good Luck!
  10. so if you had sinusitis or something similar, would using one of those Neti Pots help? I have one at my house and sometimes have trouble breathing anyway. I'll have to start using it and see if theres a difference......
  11. There's no beads in the Green Tea scrub. At least I don't think.... As someone said before, its maybe sand? Not sure. This is the first product in awhile that feels good on my face and doesn't break me out or cause more irritation. I'm liking it so far but its only been a few days. Maybe cause its only 1% SA? Don't think it's doing very well on my body acne though. Maybe it needs more time or I just need to keep searching for another product. Was kind of hoping I could kill two birds with one
  12. Has anyone tried the St. Ives Green Tea Scrub? Picture of it I bought it a couple days ago and so far its helped out a lot. I've washed morning and night with it and haven't woken up with any whiteheads yet. Usually I'll have anywhere from 3-7 whiteheads form overnight. I'm using it on my body acne as well. No significant results yet but it feels good. Curious if anyone else has used this? Hopefully I'm not jinxing myself but posting this.
  13. I think you should look into fiber+probiotics.
  14. So I've watched a couple documentaries on Netflix about juice fasting and how people have lost a ton of weight, cured illnesses, and become non dependent on medicine, etc. I know acne as a teenager is primarily caused by hormones but as far as adult acne goes, has anyone tried juice fasting for acne? I'm talking at least 10 days on only fruits and vegetables, not just adding in fresh juice here and there. I'm curious to see if anyone has. I'm thinking about trying it out, not only for my acne
  15. I went and bought a Pumice Stone but also came across a "gentle" facial sponge. I used the pumice stone on my body with this new gold bond deep moisture body wash ( saw and it just thought I'd give it a try instead of the dove stuff ) and the facial sponge with NO cleanser, just water. The sponge felt great on my face and the pumice stone was kind of hard to use on my body and felt rather weird. The stone I got is kind of small and doesn't have a whole lot of area to it. It was the only one I fo