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  1. Ummmm to be honest it helped clear the acne faster than the red marks...I know for a fact though that eating well does in fact help clear those red marks faster than if you didnt eat well, because it repatchs the skin surface along with providing and aiding other services...Water is just one small step towards fighting acne and blemishes, but eating well along with exericse and of course cleansing will knock out acne and blemishes. Good luck
  2. But like I said, as long as your eating well, full of greens and vegtables and water in your diet, I dont see how one or two foods could break you out.
  3. Hi there....Im not aware of certain individual foods breaking me out, but I do know that if my diet consists of more unhealthy foods, that is bad. I guess as long as you eat more good food you will of less break outs. I dont know about beans or any of those to be honest with you. Just try to eat as good as you can. If you do in fact find out that they do make you break out again, then I guess you know :wink:
  4. I posted this asking for any other ppls experience but I guess your the only one who will try it...Plz plz tell us how it works out ok
  5. Imagine Ive got a cyst on the same exact spot from past other cysts! LOOOOOOL...As soon as the cyst leaves and the red mark becomes less..It blows into a cyst again on the same EXACT spot! loooooool....This one that I have now is such a pain..It popped and came back again 2wice...Its never like this. But if this sucker wants to fight..Ima knock his lights out , but I dont know how or with what :oops:
  6. You still get pimples everyonce in a while but it is sure better than anything Ive used ...It makes your skin so smoooth though and not dried up like normal wash...And also if your doing the diet thingy for your liver it might clearly work
  7. Thats messed up really...I mean imagine I book and in 5 months I dont need to go anymore! Imagine then I cancel it and ppl who couldve gone in my place were pushed back cuz of me, when they need it more !
  8. Hey Ok Calling a derm and its like I cannot get a "check up" until next month! What if I have a cyst and want them to look at it and possibly shoot some corti in it? I have to wait that long? Is it that booked? And they ask me for insurance...I dont have insurance. Only for my car! I can afford to suddenly go get some for the derm. What to do?
  9. I pray a solution comes out for cysts soon...It sux when you have them. You would rather have many small pimples instead of a BIG cyst, believe me folks
  10. I use to do what u do with the pillowcases...As long as you wash them just sleep on them it dont matter..Believe me, it will only stress you out more and make you sleep less... As for the hat I dont know, I never wear hats...But maybe someone can help you with that one
  11. LooL..Yep its working. You have bigger poops, pee alot from the water, and just to warn you Juan, when you try to eat junk food you will start to feel sick! Thats your body warning you so dont try it ! Its best if you stay on this process for more than a month ( takes some discipline ) but worth it! Ppl do it for a while then when they start eating normal again all their acne comes back. This is becuz they didnt fully clean out their liver. People do these cleanings once each yr, and it lasts
  12. It works for me the best from all other stuff...But this is what I realized after yrs of using proactv: It makes my skin smooth with less pimples. But when I do break out, I get cysts sometimes. When I used other acne stuff, I broke out more and had rough dry skin, but not one cyst ever! Sheesh, its a dilema I tell ya :?
  13. Good luck man and plz let us know what happens...and could you please tell us the name of the pills and provide a pic of it on the net? Even tell us where you got them from ? bupolo- he means detox pills for cleaning out your liver. Its a BIG advantage to clearing acne everyone over looks.
  14. Thanx for letting me know about this. I have the biggest cyst yet in my history of acne on my right upper cheek now and a head is coming soon. I still wont break it but I will hope for it to break on its own and leak. What I do is at night I do the wash cloth/microwave method. Im sure you know about it. It really softens up cysts especially. They either break open and go away or they soften and become less irritated and go away faster. I didnt do it now for nights thats why I still have this cys
  15. PimpleHater, I know whwat u mean when u say that it looks better in this pic than in real life but trust me on this one..It ain thhat bad ! I can tell....And the best way to get rid of forehead acne I heard is with using Toner!!!! I heard this a lot so check that out ! :wink:
  16. bobo


    Think of it this way guys...WHen you walk into a dark place and look in the mirror, u might be like "wow, i look great in this lightening!" But the thing is, you look even better than the mirror! No matter what, you always look better than the mirror. For some reason you can see nicks and marks in the mirrors but not in real life and in person! :? But whcih is better for us again !
  17. bobo


    Yep Mirrors making you look worse than what u look like believe me....Ive studied it through other ppl and myself....Defenatly keep away from them if you cant take it.. Your face looks so much better no matter what type of light than what u see in the mirror
  18. Since I use Proactiv would I use this stuff after the lotion ?
  19. If I were you Ubah I would just do it naturally instead of with them pills or thingies.......
  20. Yeah did it and it worked wonders....Just go for about 1 -2 weeks eating lots of fruits, vegtables and atleast good nutritous foods...Even after that if you start eating badly, your liver will still be cleaned out and will be overall healthy to you and your skin. Since your liver is most likely filled with junk, its trying to escape thru your face and body.... It really helped my pimples and I was getting nothing...I think everyone should try it and good luck
  21. If your coming here to daytona beach your lucky...our weather just cleared up...it was sunny today. But these past weeks were rains flooding the steets! I had water to my ankles! :oops:
  22. All I have to say is the detox is the way to go....I believe that helped you a lot....You must have did it long enuf to clean out house so no matter you wash your face or eat good, your face will still be good.... :wink:
  23. http://www3.sympatico.ca/spore/wip/Acne.html Funny game check it out
  24. Hmmmm listen man, when you shake the bottle its all pink...( Ur not suppose to shake btw ) ... But when its steady, the pink settles to the bottom , so the top is clear and the bottom is where all the pink stuff is at...Thats how mine is! Also on the directions it says to take a qtip and grab the pink on the bottom, which means the whole thing shouldnt be pink. Your bottle must be shaken up or something.... :wink:
  25. Like I said before, Diet does effect acne..Ive been doing it and its been unbeleievable experience...Ill be posting my experiences with photos soon hopefully...But seriously, it works! Takes a lot of discpline but is worth it ! Ppl start today!