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  1. ok...so i hear everyone on here saying a pea size only. I am on the 0.4%. I was curious on how many pumps everyone uses? My derm told me to do a pea size to a pea size in a half and to do 2 pumps. Is two pumps too much????? just wanna make sure im not over applying thank u! also, im on my third week of REM and its my 2nd week applying it everynight and my skin isnt dry or red at all, just alil peely....is this normal? everyone else seems to have a burning dry symptoms. maybe im just lucky? th
  2. see i was told my my derm to apply retin a then apply my other topical aczone and then moisturize at night....i feel like i dunt really need to moisturize my face though cuz my skins not really dry...even though its only ben a week not even. it wont make it worse if i DUNT moisturize will it? i feell like i dunt need to moisturize at night but i wanna listen to my doc...even though i dunt think she knows what shes talking about. is moisturizer imparative in helping acne?
  3. so I have always had moderate acne on and off since i was 13 years old. I am soon to turn 23 this summer. I have tried differin, benzaclin, proactiv, clinique acne solutions, murad, ect and nothing seamed to help. I was on proactiv for 2 years but it then stopped working. Now that im getting older my acne seems to be very hormonal and mostly cysts on my chin and jawline and scattered papules every where else. I also have a lot of red marks from acne scarring. So I went to the derm 5 days ago.