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-pleasant smell -easy to apply -non-irritating, non-drying -improves feel of skin -reduces acne -none as of yet! I've been very impressed with this product... certainly one of the best I've ever used for my skin with dramatic results. Hopefully these results keep up, but so far this has kept any major zits from forming. I still have some, but it keeps them from getting bigger. I love how refreshed my skin feels after using this, and it doesn't disrupt the level of

By theGreyhound,

-Lathers (if you like that in a facewash) -Perfumed (unnecessary and irritating) -Irritating to zits (makes them into red craters) -Leaves skin feeling tight I've long used the dermatologist-recommended SpectroJel cleanser, but after a few years of that I decided I wanted something even better. I trusted the [link removed] recommendation of this Clean&Clear product... bad idea. I'm switching immediately back to the milder yet more effective SpectroJel. This st

By theGreyhound,