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  1. A few days later and from mixing tea tree oil into my moisturizer morning and night, my skin looks great. No new active spots, and the red marks have been given time to fade. I've even had a couple friends remark that my skin looks better without being prompted, which confirms my impression that my skin is the best it's been since I had just completed Accutane. Hopefully this keeps up! The fact that it's spring and sunnier/less dry out now is helping as well, but even back in the summer my sk
  2. I've been mixing tea tree oil into my moisturizer for a few days and nights now and it's kept the breakouts completely away, just like BP. Hopefully this keeps up because as opposed to BP which dries and damages skin over time, the tea tree oil seems to smooth my skin out. It's also easier to apply because I can mix it directly into my moisturizer and it doesn't bleach things. Statistically it's as effective as BP for treating acne, and it has a very low rate of allergies in people, so I
  3. Last night I mixed 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil into my moisturizer and applied that instead of BP. I hope it really does work as well as BP because my skin feels so smooth and nice today, not dried out (and wrinkled over time as we know!) from BP. Curious to hear more responses
  4. 1) I've been using Dan's benzoyl peroxide for half a year or so on my chin area and it's been great. My skin adjusted in the normal adjustment period and it's kept the breakouts at bay. I've only used it on my forehead once or twice and for a week after the skin was very red and blotchy and unsightly. Is this just the drying effect and does anyone find their forehead skin is more prone to irritation/dryness? (I was on Accutane and that seemed to make it more sensitive than the rest of my skin
  5. http://www.physorg.com/news/2012-04-handheld-plasma-flashlight-skin-notorious.html
  6. I think more people need to post photos in this thread so we can actually see what we're dealing with here. Otherwise I'm convinced that most of the people who post here are in a panic and meanwhile their hair doesn't look bad at all apart from perhaps a very slight thinning. More pics. please! I want to see real comparisons to get an idea of what Accutane did to your hair.
  7. I've used this for days in a row now and it hasn't irritated my skin or made me break out. AT ALL! I'm going to go add a review for this product in the Reviews section... I think Clinique deserves kudos for creating something that isn't fragranced or filled with anything that irritates or breaks out skin. I know lots of people on this site (especially those who are using treatments that make their skin paler, or Accutane) want to find a bronzer/self-tanner that is safe for irritation-prone, a
  8. I'm not sure what causes mine... it seems like such an odd combination of factors. When I take zinc it always clears me right up though. But that doesn't mean I'm lacking zinc normally, necessarily, so I have no idea. Certain foods, dry winter air, stress, hormones I suppose.
  9. So I tried this out the other day, and amazingly, it didn't cause me to break out whatsoever. I still have to use it more to see if it irritates my skin or not, but I think it might be okay, especially since the product has no fragrance. This is almost too good to be true... something that doesn't break me out, yet gives my skin a little more colour. And it is very subtle yet effective... only when light was directly on my skin would you notice that it had a bit more colour to it. So far,
  10. No, no, NO. I believe in a lot of naturopathic medicine and stuff that some people consider quite far-out, but I hate how so many naturopaths flog this candida idea to death. It's an example of people using scientific terminology to tout an unscientific theory. Systemic candidiasis is a major issue, but this idea that "candida" causes a whole non-specific range of symptoms is highly inaccurate... very few people actually have candidiasis. It's good to eat in such a way that you're healt
  11. You'll have to figure out what is best for you... just experiment! A small variation won't make a massive difference. I use BP only around my mouth area/chin, and I use 3/4 finger length of BP.
  12. Thanks! I've already bought some. Once its a bit less wintery out, I'm going to use it.
  13. This is just ridiculous... it's been DAYS and no sign of any change for me. I've never seen a message board that does that.