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  1. i see so this really is suppose to happen.. Thank you for ur very kind reply maam! Godbless u!
  2. sorry i mean 0.025.. so 0.05 stronger than 0.025? omg 11weeks? how long is that? what did u do when u had breakouts? even still if you dont go out u still need moisturizer with spf?
  3. oh so 0.1 really is strong! omg i ddnt know.. is 0.25 stronger than 0.5 too? yes i am currently peeling right now and the itch kills me.. for how many weeks do u experience this side effects? and how many weeks b4 the tretinoin improves ur skin? and can i ask u what does moisturizer do to ur face? i can see some tretinoin still in my face after i wash my face and i dont know how to wash them all of.. and seems it will be hardened again.. maybe its the tretinoin that are not rmoved that makes my
  4. i am doing it every everynight actually.. is 0.1% that strong? i thought its mild thats why i apply it every night.. and can i ask u how to completely wash of the tretinoin? what cleanser do u use to wash it off completely? and also do u need to moisturize cos i dont moisturize at all.. maybe i wud apply it every 3 days now.. this only happens in my cheek but not in the other part of my face cos i apply it all over my face.. Thank you for ur kind reply i really appreciate it..
  5. hello guys.. i have a question rgarding what happened to my face since i used tretinoin cream 0.1%.. i am experiencing this since i used tret cream i think 1-2weeks ago. my acne bcame hard and seems like its coated with some hard skin or something.. i cant xplain it. and not just my acne but some parts in my cheeks have it.. like a skin that has haredened and cracks? but the worse is that in my acne bcos seems its hardened and cannot be moved..i cant go outside right now bcos of this.. i went to
  6. the vitamin E oil is known for removing acne scars right? is this can also remove acne,blackheads,whiteheads? do u have experience using it in removing acne?
  7. yeah BP can dry out pimples but after i used it left a dark spot and now my problem is dark spots. do u have any thatcan help remove the scars after using BP? mizz_dimplezz is the clean and clear acne spot treatment also dries out pmple but never leave scar?
  8. what do you call the scar that holes the face? it have dark spot and a hole..
  9. tnx tol nakatulong ng mlaki tong bnigay mo skin na site ngayun alm ko na kung alin ingredients nakakaacne lalo.. tol kaw ba anu gnagmit mong facial wash? pde share? :)
  10. hi guys i just bought panoxyl soap free cleanser. have some of you use this product? is it good? these are the ingredients that contains the panoxyl soap free cleanser: Purified water, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, cocamidopropyl betaine, myristic acid, sulphonated oil, glycerin, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, glycol distearate, acrylates/C10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, disodium EDTA imidazolidinyl urea, sodium hydroxide, fragrance X-23304. please help
  11. its unlucky_kid sir xD but what if i dont have a dermo? can i still take it? is it safe?
  12. maybe sometimes.. my red marks are there very long time ago.. i've used many different creams.. hmm what anti bacterial facial wash is good?