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  1. Try this right here this is what cured my acne and i had it real badd ....buy oxy maximun face wash and neutrogena oil free acne stress control hydrating cream......Wash your face wit the oxy for 30 seconds rinse off wit hot water wait 5 minutes then apply the nuetrogena cream all over your face ....Try it and keep me posted
  2. Yu rock pedro!! i know yu be prayin everynight hopin yu dont wake up wit a brolic pimple lol stay up mann
  3. I was acne free for a while wit a little bit of scars nothin serious now jus before the hotel party 2mrow i wake up with 2 big pimple sorta like cysts not sure tho on my right jawline!!!! im so pissed off its not even funny not only because ima miss da party but because im scared of scarin =/ the pimple are pretty big and i havent gotten pimples like dat in like 3 weeks ....Can somone give me advice on how to pop em and treat em tnx
  4. use emu oil thats fades red marks quick research it
  5. I feel u bro i jus finished going through that shit and i recently started to clear up even tho i still have acne and alot of scars shit sucks man but like home boy said this is reality and you gots to face it you cant hide in a room all day hopin one day it will go away yu need to live life like theres no tomorow u never know what can happen tomorrow u know? U ever tried accutane because if its that serious u better get on it ASAP until it goes away yea it has its side effects but it will clear
  6. Hey whats good try using emu oil for a moisturizer every night before you go to sleep that should kill them ugly scars and make em fade real quick alot of people been talkin about it on youtube on the accutane logs try it out good luck
  7. if your willin to give dr neil a shot go to the inoffice program and jus pay the 900$ the results is 100 perecent but the home version sucks ass i ordered it and it irritated the crap out of my skin i had red patches wit yellow puss comin out of it i had to stop usin it but im not goin to lie the testimonials are pretty amazin well atleast i thought they were
  8. i say just go on accutane and end acne once and for all
  9. Thanks for your comment gorgeous

    1. how long it take u to clear up cuz my regimen is the same as yours
    2. stop using cetaphil thats prolly whats messin up your face use dans cleanser or basis soap and the olay is a good moisturizer for the morning but use dans at night thats what im doing and im almost clear in only 2 weeks !!!! and i know dan says to shave everydayy but me personally i suggest yu dont your just aggrivating your acne more by stripping your hairless skin wit blades wait till u actually have some hair to shavee off your face and always make sure u shave with the grain
    3. jus use dans cleaner or basis soap bro and stopp crying and whinin that totally cleared me up along with the regimen in only 2 weeks!!!
    4. Well i heard that not moisturizing during the night lets your skin breath more and lets the bp work more effective but can make your skin type flaky in the mornin ...what i suggest to do is try it out and if your skin doesnt react well to it and becomes real flaky and irritated then just fall back from it.... jus experiment wit it every1s skin is different good luck bro
    5. Sea Salt – The Natural Acne Fighting Topical. Sea Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory, and as acne is an inflammatory skin condition putting an anti-inflammatory ingredient onto the face helps a great deal. Sea Salt is a brilliant natural and gentle exfoliator. It clears away dead skin cells and unclogs blocked pores. This helps to prevent the late stage of acne from manifesting on the skin, and I recommend sea salt as an additional thing you can do to help maintain clear skin. It will never,