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    wow a mixed of different results here...Im not sure if I should give this bio-oil a shot lol. I guess different stroke for different folks? Vitamin E seems to work for me though, I might try bio oil for the heck of it.
  2. hmm 3 years ...thats quite a long time. It might have to do with your diet and the treatments you used. To speed up the healing, next time dab some natural vitamin E oil on the healing pimple/acne and avoid junky food. Some people say food has nothing to do with acne but I think it does because I broke out with pimples (whitehead and some big red ones) after eating a bag of potatoe chips the night before....and I was born in a family with clear skin. Now Im still dealing with some left over red
  3. I use jamieson vitamin E oil mainly because its 100% natural ...I don't trust other brand (the peeling ones...) because some ingredients seem a little harsh for my skin. 2 marks faded completely in a month or 2 and you can't see it even if you look super close. . Oh and drink a lot of water cuz I find it helps to reduce red marks. It took longer to fade though cuz that was before I found out about the vitamin E oil.
  4. yup, I know mine do...its annoying as hell because only the big red ones do leave red marks but not the ones with whiteheads. Try using vitamin E oil or let nature take it course. It should take about 3 - 6 months to fade. Don't forget to drink water.