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  1. Hey jdrmd, I'm with you on the whole "never had a girlfriend, sex, etc" yet I now own a small company, have a great body, and best of all, people think I have it all. (the girls, money) Little does anyone know, I still act like my old self, I don't spend money like it's nothing, and overall acne made me shy. I think if anyone saw me on this board even, they would think I was joking about this. Definitely great to see someone relate.
  2. Hi guys, I suffered from very severe acne at the age of 13 to 18. For those 5 years, I would avoid any kind of social interactions. (I can't even look at my parents nor brother in the eyes) Now I have this problem where if I hold a conversation for too long, my energy goes from very enthusaiastic, to very dull, tiring, and awkward. You can imagine when I'm talking to a girl I'm interested in, and all of a sudden, I'm just... Drained. But it's not only girls in generally, but socializ
  3. Appreciate the words Well I did disappear for a few years, but I've been meaning to make a video (this was actually filmed a few months ago) and I finally got myself to finalize it. To answer your questions, 1) The minimum that you should wait is 6 weeks, but I wait for at least 2 months. 2) Vitamin C does treat skin scabs actually, since it has collagen properties to make the skin heal faster. I have never thought about using petroleum jelly or hydrocolloid bandages. My face was real bloo
  4. I am pretty pleased with the results for the price that I paid. Granted, I don't think it's as good as the laser, but for something under $1000, I am very satisfied with the results. I won't say that my skin is 100% scarless, but it's enough to where I'm not really shy around getting up close with girls anymore. Also, here's the picture for you NUman, I'll go ahead and just post a link to them since I don't want to gross some people out! Here's back in 2009: Right face: http://mracnescars.com
  5. For shallow ice picks, I have seen improvments. Since some of my ice picks aren't 1.5mm deep (which is the length of the needles used) therocially it should still work. Some will argue that the needles won't go deep below the dermis, this is only a problem if your ice picks are very deep. And over the past 3 years, this is my 7th treatment Hi NUman, a few years ago, I've recommended Divine Beauty since that was all I knew. Over the years, you kind of grown to know which is better and which
  6. Hi guys! A few years ago, I made a big thread on what I did to treat my scars (Here's the original thread: ) Basically, it was one of those dermaroller/dermastamp journey and I've seen great results from it. Most people leave and never share their experience, but I decided to not only tell you that it improved my skin so much, but I've decided to make a video on how I did it I finally uploaded it last night, so I hope this helps to some of you! Also, I will answer any
  7. <p>As you get older, you just learn to deal with it and be more relaxed about it. When I accepted my acne, my stress was lifted by that much.</p>
  8. There is no other way for me to cope with it other than to accept the fact that I have it. TBH, if I didn't have this acne, I don't think I would be as hunble as I am right now... It's all about prospective tbh.
  9. Hey man, just wanted to chime in here too. I know exactly how you feel. I've been told by a lot of people "oh you barely have acne, you barely have scars, you're a decent looking guy etc etc...you could easily get a girlfriend if you want" and as much as I appreciate those comments, it's very hard for anyone to understand what it's like for a guy with acne/scars unless you're a guy with acne/scars. And what I mean by that is I think it's generally perceived that guys can still be attractive with
  10. Nice video man. I was just wondering. How did you get over your seborrheic dermatitis? I went to the ER at one point because the liquid and condition was unbearable. couldn't sleep for 2 nights in a row. Had to take medicine and a steroid shot on the head. It probably lasted for 3 weeks.
  11. I've also heard that great makeup artists can make it as if you don't have acne scars. It's amazing to say the the least. To the OP, depending on which scar you have, I'd say that it's likely treatable at home without costing too much money. Head to the scar section or if you want, just PM me :)
  12. You're right. You can't just put a 'smile' on your face and say you're happy. Hell, I still have images of my face DEFORMED when I had seborrheic dermatitis that affected my hair, face, and body. It was absolutely the worst thing ever and it was pretty recently, (7 months ago, give or take) so I'll draw my memories on that since I still remember what it's like. Now, no where am I saying that you should put on a smile and be happy. (Although you should try) When I had seborrheic dermatitis, I
  13. Hey guys! I've decided to chime in for the newer peeps visiting this section today. Some of you may be thinking, "Who the heck is this Asian kid, and why should he be some kind of role model for me??" Well I'd like to first say that I used to visit this section frequently when I really had nothing else going for me, sad to say the least. I was riddled with extreme acne and now left with acne scars. I was just extremely depressed like everyone else on here and I became a HUGE
  14. Red marks will generally go away depending on your skin genetics. Not sure what the question is, but pretty much your acne seems to be going away if you are experiencing small red bumps and whatnot. (Compared to earlier)
  15. Not at all! In fact, my back is soo much better. In fact, the hyperpigmentation is actually blending in quite nicely to my skin tone. (I've added a new picture as of today) Although the lighting from the picture makes it blend in more and make it better than it is, there is still a lot of discoloration. Now the real test comes to see if it'll restore my skin tone back to 100% what it was. Currently on my second bottle.