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  1. I'm not being nasty but jesus christ is that it ? You wanna take a look around at others like me who are scarred all over the face. 50% from acne and 50% from damaged collagen, thin skin etc. Most of us on this forum would die to have skin like yours. I would rub bio oil on that every day and night .
  2. It's not acne thought to be honest. I get a pimple every blue moon and when I do it goes from hypopigmentaion ( red mark) then turned to a indentation. But it's very small. My face itches sometimes . 70% of my scars aren't from acne. They just apear out through blue. Very hard and frustrating to understand Sorry I did get more scarring from co2 laser in 2009. I had full ablative on my right cheak
  3. I don't get pimples or any acne very often but when I do it leaves a small indentation in my skin. I plan to have derma roller or chemical peel for my scars. Is it a good idea to do this with me prone to scarring
  4. So if we stop exfoliating will we see more black heads etc . And what about microdermabrasions if we get them?
  5. I've developed some mental issues due to the long history with my skin. I like to look good and always taken care of myself. Go the gym and eat healthy. But people will look at me and think he doesn't get a wash or hasn't taken care of himself. My working life is ruined. I work in a place were the lighting is like spoT lights so everyone sees my skin at its worst
  6. Yes you could be right. I exfoliate once a week.. does that mean acne scar treatments will do more damage than good
  7. OMG. .. this thing happens to me. Unfortunately there's no answer and no explanation for these scars. It's like mites , bugs etc taking chunks out of my face. Your lucky you don't have other scars like mine . If you look through my profile posts
  8. I've been reading through these comments and totally relate to your going through. I've had numerous of treat mental for scars nothing helped. Probably got worse to be honest. Ive also been seeING scars pop up out of nowhere. I've become totally depressed and living a lie pretending things are OK when they are not. Before this thing happened to me I was at a stage of acceptance but now Its got out of hand . The scar in your picture I see are exactly like mine expect deeper now. They are all w
  9. Right now I'm just using simple face wash simple toner sometimes and simple moisturuser . I know when I get a new scar as I can feel it. My face itches then next I will look and there's a purple mark that turns into a indentation later on. My face is getting worse and I'm powerless to stop it
  10. After a few weeks months in thought my scars that apeared from nowhere had stopped have now apeard again. There's no explanation for these scars marks etc. They are red purplish marks then turn below the skin . No acne or anything to explain these scars. On the bring of a break down
  11. Could someone please clarify why I'm getting these acne like scars on face. I know when these scars will apear as I feel itchy and irritating as though insects are on my face. I've hadone numerous bouts of accutane . Laser treatments. I very puzzled
  12. andyc192

    My acne scars

    Scars worsening all the time. No acne
  13. I've started using dermalogica products. I've actually found sometime that doesn't break me out and feels and looks good on the skin
  14. I've booked in for 6 microdermabrasions at my local beuty salon. I'm not convinced it will help my scars but if I see improvement in overall skin texture etc I might feel less depressed