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  1. I am noticing minor improvements now. I still get breakouts but pimples that were on my forehead for months are vanishing finally! I use rubbing alcohol for a quick fix. It reduces the sizes of zits within a day! I can only use Retino A every 3rd night because it dries by skin which then forms ugly rashes
  2. Hello everybody, I've been on Tretinoin Retino - A 0.05 % for about 4 weeks and havent noticed too much improvements. During those 4 weeks, I've had alot of devastating breakouts that even caused me to skip school. I feel miserable, ugly and depressed every time I look in the mirror. I dont go out anymore and I try to avoid everybody Has Retin A ever helped anyone? If yes, how long did it take? Do you recommend it?
  3. Unfortunately, my skin doesnt like when I try to keep things simple
  4. I totally messed up this regimen. I altered it alot just to suit my time schedule and the results arent too good. I started to use retino-a about 4 weeks ago. My face broke out really bad for the first 3 weeks. I even skipped school 4 days cause I had huge zits on my face. I then found a way to get rid of them really fast; pat isoprophyl rubbing alcohol on the zits every 5 - 10 mins and within a day, they will go away. The steaming really works, you all should really try that. I have to start do
  5. Day 2: I messed up last night because I was extremely tired. I just washed my face with Mint Juelp Facial Scrub and went straight to bed. This morning I woke up with a few tiny pimples on my chin and cheeks area. I will continue my regimen from today.
  6. I feel so ugly with my scars, pimples and huge pores but alot of people find me attractive. Its kind of hard to believe. I do wear make up to cover up though. I guess thats our flaw, acne, but people overlook it My friends even suggested that I should enter Pageants. Lol. I wanted to tell them that cant you see the huge pores on my skin. Alot of guys think Im pretty and cute. I looked at your picture and you are beautiful. Use make-up to hide everything. I know how oily make-up can feel in the
  7. I live in a tropical country so we sweat alot during the day which gives bacteria a home. Body acne is mainly caused by bacteria, dirty and oil so we have to deal with those in order to prevent the unsightly pimples. Here is what I do everyday to prevent body acne: Things you will need: Isopropyl rubbing alcohol (70%)A sponge to scrub your skinClear Zit (BP 10%)Cotton Balls Mornings: When taking a shower, use the sponge to scrub off the dirt and oil from your skin. Then pat the affected area
  8. Im scared of drugs cause of the serious side effects. I am currently experimenting of regimens and I can see improvements after just one night You can follow my regimen HERE
  9. My regimen seems to be working. I altered it though cause I was too lazy to crush tomatoes and nutmeg. I woke up with LESS VISIBLE pimples. I'm so thrilled! You all can give it a try and see if it works for you. Here is what I did: Things you'll need: Queen Helen Mint Julep MaskQueen Helen Mint Julep ScrubProtex antibacterial soapBetnovate CTable saltHoneyMedium Sized bowlAnd lots of hot, warm and cold water Morning: Wash your face with Mint Julep Facial Scrub.Afternoon: Apply a thin layer
  10. Okay well keep us updated. I've used an infinite amount of products as well. I think will be trying proactive next month. Hopefully that works..I've started a new regimen as well using natural products. Here is the link: My new regimen
  11. I think certain people are just blessed with great skin (my mom). She only washes her face with a mild soap once per day and in the mornings she would just splash water on it. She is an acne free woman. However, the cursed people like me and you will have to fight this battle using alot of weapons. I've tried using just a mild soap as well, my skin looked great for about 3 days. Then I had a huge break out We have to keep on using products until we find something that works. Our skin type is di
  12. I hope its available in my country. I will check my Pharmacy tomorrow. How long does it take to start showing improvements? Do you get any huge breakouts when you start using the product? Is that Tarzorac 0.1 %? What are the side effects of it?
  13. Hey Untouched, I even tried using nothing but a mild Lux soap. Face was clear for about 3 days then it went back to a huge breakout. My skin is so sensitive. I use my allergy skin cream to treat my acne within 3 days. The downside is that Betnovate C shouldnt be used long term since it thins the skin. I think that's why my skin has stopped responding to Erythromycin.
  14. I've been doing some research on homemade acne treatments. I'm going to start implementing them tonight. I'm going the try the ones listed below: Wash your face with lukewarm water to open pores and cold water to close pores.Soak a cotton ball in warm salt water, press it on top of blemish for 3 minutes to dissolve the top, then dab a bit of honey on the affected area to deep clean the pore and draw out bacteria. Let it sit for 10 minutes.Apply the juice and pulp of crushes tomatoes.Apply groun