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  1. also a really wierd point is I got this eczema the same time I started having consistant pghlem... maybe its an allergy
  2. HI guys I used to have ACNE 5 years ago but this site got rid of it for me... Now over the past 2 month's I have been getting what I thought was exczema It started off with a small patch on my arm, then I got 2 patches on the back of my legs which developed spots all round them... I have been moisturizing with TEA TREE organics cream and it isnt getting worse but it isnt getting better and I think I am still developing a couple of other tiny patches. The patche's are very dry
  3. I used to have terrible acne but thanks to the regimen its dissapeared bar the odd spot, however i ran out of moisturiser so i went to purchase another simple one with no perfume and so on, so i need to know first of all, can i use jojoba oil on its own as a moisturiser after using treatment? it seems like it would feel horrible putting just jojoba on after treatment? 2nd, is there a reason for extra tiny spots on chin? thanks
  4. Hi guys, i have been using these products for about 2 years now. I am completely 100% clear apart from 2 spots, however before i started on the regimen i burned my skin with some 10% benzoyl peroxide resulting in patchy skin, its not obvious, but in a bright light you can tell some of my skin is a bit lighter / patchy than the others... its strange because my skin does not look very good even though i have no spots whatsoever? any ideas? thanks for all help
  5. Hi guys, i had mousy brown / blonde hair, it was not really any specific colour. It is also very thick and dry, so i use products to make it look better. the other day i dyed it dark brown, and i really like it, the only problem is, the other thing i really like is to keep my hair very short. So if i had my hair shaved on the sides and trimmed short on top every 2 weeks would it be possible to colour it dark brown after every hair cut or is every 2 weeks too often / is it impossible to colour
  6. I have used aloe vera gel for a long while as it is natural and will not harm your skin, however it is too greasy looking and makes you look as if you have loads of oil and put loads of effort into your hair. Aswell as this, when i wash my hair and i dont have any aloe vera gel in, my hair is thick and clumpy and in not very good condition. Is there such thing as a hair gel or hair wax that doesnt really dry out your hair? I tried brylcreem today and quite like it but i am not convinced that
  7. I have been on the regimen over a year now, i used to get 2-3 new spots a day now i get about 1 a months, i have stopped using any bp at all on any areas apart from my cheeks and my chin, and have survived without breakouts... the only place i get spots now are on my nose is there any way for me to cut down on the regimen further, i was thinking trying to do it only once a day, or maybe just using AHA at night... any ideas?
  8. Ok, so basically, my hair used to be really dry and i had a fair few wirey hairs at the front of my head... for years i have used hair gel to mask this problem... to try and make it better, i use jojoba oil and aloe vera as my hair gel, and i use acne.org cleanser as my shampoo and only wash it every 3 days instead of every 1 day like i used too... its made a small difference, but its still too dry and a bit too wirey at the front for me to ever wna leave without gelling my hair... i need so
  9. started to drink chocolate milk, my only form of chocolate for a year, but thats it, but only got spots on nose..
  10. Hey, i have been on the regimen something around 12 months i should imagine, and after 3 months i have been completely clear from acne, however i have suddenly just had a breakout of tiny little spots on my nose, only very small ones, but about 6 of them, what could the cause be this be? i have been doing regimen as normal
  11. i have been offered 1 big kit and 5 replacement bottle pumps, im worried though, i can already tell the bp i have is very thick, as long as i can still spread it, is it allright, or is it bad to use it when its starting to get like this?
  12. i have done that now, i hope so, its like my 4th time ordering the creams and i always reccomend to other ppl thanks
  13. my bottle lids were all broken on delivery, so i have a make shift bottle lid made out of cling film, my question is, can the bp/cleanser/treatment go off and get clogged up? im guessing so, looks like some of mine alredy has
  14. my products have been delivered by UPS, i payed a lot for the delivery, i got 2 big kits, 5 out of 6 of the bottle lids have been broken, meanining that not only are they no longer working from the pump, but they may also go off? i need some help with this, if the lids are not on properly and are half broken off, im guessing i wont be able to use the product or it will clump up soon? getting ready to make a massive complaint, spent almost all my money on this
  15. I have been on the regimen about 7 months, after about three months i stopped getting pretty much any new spots, over the last 4 months i have probably only had like 5 spots in total. I am using 2 pumps of cleanser - then bp - then moisturiser every night... being only 17, im worried that if i stop using the creams i may start getting a few spots again, whats the best thing for me to do, stay on, cut down, or quit? thanks