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  1. did contractubex work for you?

    1. Nope, but i have heard of that product, will most likely try it aswell Ill let you know if any visible changes happen hehe.
    2. I will most likely use it together with needling, so the stuff can really GO DEEP in the skin and heal up from there, only need to make small wound in the bottom of the pit and put roc all over the pore ... hopefully works
    3. Do you mean botex etc injections?
    4. Anyone else trying this product? is it worth it?
    5. Vitamins bro, I suggest to start taking MULTIVITAMIN daily.. you could also try hydronic acid supplement.
    6. I dont know about bioskincare, which are the stuff that does the work in this product? Im going to try Roc Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Filler, it contains, Hyaluronic Acid and RETINOL these two combined, i have my hopes up Heres the full list of the stuff in it: Water, Pantaerythrityl tetraethylhaxanoate, Glycerin, PEG 8, PEG 15, Stearyl Ether, Nylon 12, Butylene Glycol, Stearyl Alcohol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Ethylhexyl Methoxcinnamate, Dimethicone, Cyclohexasiloxane, Ceteareth 20, Isohexadec
    7. your scarring looks pretty much like mine, i was thinking of taking 4x fraxerl threathments. Basically you dont have that many scars, just enlarged pits However i have some VERY WIDE scars which annoy me....
    8. Daew

      Acne Scar

      Wide or rolling, im not doctor, but definetly not icepick scars... if you ask me. your scars are easy to heal!
    9. Scars are so small thing compared to the other things AROUND US. Some people dont even have other arm! think about it.
    10. Daew

      Acne Scar

      I think Fraxel works greatly on wide "rolling" scars, icepick scars does not respond to fraxel that well
    11. Daew


      Im going to try to raise the bottom of my scars with Hyaluronic acid geel and supplementals, alot cheaper too! less than 40$ ! edit, my bad it is Hyaluronic Acid + Retinol combo gel ;0
    12. Dont give up man, beat the breakout and continue the product, you need to tell your skin to start producing new cells, dont trust to the lotions they send(i dont mean those are trash, but you need to replace those anyway in future ;o); once those run out, try copper peptides or EGF http://www.starface.com/EGFCREAM.htm best luck!
    13. The reason for this might be that your head is about at the same level as your heart when you sleep; blood gets to head easier .... this is just speculation
    14. Daew

      home TCA CROSS

      Heres some info i found from a user back on 2003: quote; nottoobad When applying the TCA all that is necessary is for the acid to completely cover the inside of the pit. It is the acid "burning" the skin that causes the skin to defend itself by regenerating. Puncturing the scar will cause damage the likes of which you will wish you never started TCA. Just use a tooth pick. dip it in the acid and apply as deep into the icepick pit as possible, do not cause bleeding by puncturing the skin.