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  1. dont cuz if u fuck up, then ur skin is worse.. DEFINATELY see a pro
  2. any1 know if it is safe to take zinc while on tetracycline?
  3. ok day 1 of school.. 2nd period algebra 1 2 i see this really fine girl from behind, her shape, her ass, her tan.. ommg i cud of fucked her right their on her desk.. anyways then she turns around to view the board, and i see acne scars.. i was like holy shit im not alone here lol she seems like a nicer girl, and shes burning hot.. i would go out with out, but not the way im looking now..
  4. its recommonded if you dont like acne.. tell your doc ur case and ask for a prescription
  5. losing weight is so easy if you have the desire, so i pick no acne and obese and id lose 30lbs in one month easily
  6. ^^ asshole http://www.acu-cell.com/bx2.html http://www.b5supplements.com/General-B5-Qu...ne-Prevent.html http://www.natural-acne-treatments.com/b5-acne.html should help you out
  7. depends on how long you let it stay with u
  8. god that didnt make sense im stupid
  9. i get acne when not shaving, but alot when i shave to closely.. the key is not shaving to close, avoiding irration.. and you cud use one of those neutrogena shaving creams where like its made for your skin and shaving maybe that coud help
  10. uh sometimes i just splash on water and the area around my nose is flakey..
  11. word


    no.. i dunno why i bought it.. fuck 70 bucks.. and fuck i didnt know it takes 3 months to work to.. fuck i need 4 months of this shit for it to work.. ah 70 x 4 = expensive AHHH