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  1. Hello all! I've had a chicken pox scar above my right eyebrow for about 10 years. I was looking into a subcision and using a permanent filler. Does anyone have any advice? And, I recently got a cortisone injection for a huge pimple I had and now my skin has a dent in it. I guess it's called a depressed scar? I was also looking for a filler for my depressed scar. Has anyone had the same problems as me? Please help (This is the only silly photo I have where my chicken pox scar is visible)
  2. Hello all, I am a 22 yr old Asian female and have experienced hell with Accutane. I think that anyone who wants to try going on accutane should really really really think about it. It made my skin so dry that my scalp would bleed sometimes. I would wake up with deep cuts on my arms because I would scratch my arms during my sleep.If someone lightly scratched me my skin would reveal a big cut the next day. My mosquito bites tooks months to go away and it left big scars. Not only was it physical
  3. ahaha Jessica Alba? I wish and yeah I know, it's so annoying that I've had this problem for so long and thanks for the compliment !!!!
  4. Hello all I have been off accutane for a year and while I was on accutane I developed cheilitis. (dryness on the corner of my mouth) Now I don't have cheilitis anymore but my lipline is all messed up and resembles one of a clown. I was wondering if anyone has had this problem and if lasering would help my problem. Thanks everyone
  5. Hello everyone ! i've been off accutane for a few months now and my skin is back to being oily and i'm breaking out, not as badly as before but enough pimples to stress me out. I've been using almost every spot treatment for acne and NOTHING IS WORKING i've tried tea tree oil, 10% benzoyl peroxide, all different types of spot treatments from neutrogena, clearasil and etc. can anyone help?! my pimples aren't that big but they are never white heads but just small painful red bumps. ANYTHING wi
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