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  1. yes I kinda realise that after 1 week. It did irritate me rather quickly and I cope up a big one on my temple. I had completely stop using it for now, gone back to my old cleansing formula and is recovering nicely. I might try to use it once every Sunday and see how it goes. One must tread carefully with this bottle. It isn't a miracle product, but its a rather good and expensive cleanser. I believe it can suppress and stabilise your acne a little bit better if used appropriately. You will need
  2. you guys never knew how lucky you are lol. I have a super bastardised combination of eczema and acne (especially jaw/neck area) since teens. Guess what happens when I constantly sweat for too long lol.........something subsides, something else flares up and aggravates the problem altogether. I do like to think I have the worst combo around this forum 2 hot showers/day is good enough for me.
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    there's another active thread if u need more feedback couldn't post the link here sorry no idea why Acne.org Message Boards > Acne Medication Forums > Over-the-counter acne medications > Pronexin
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    my opinion is that facial cleansing only serve to re-inforce a common problem. You will need to find the right cleanser thats suits your skin that will reduce oil and does not irritate the skin. If it made you dry, make sure apply a very small amt of moisturiser to avoid dryness that causes break outs. your eating habit is very important, along with the vitamins recommended above. What I would do, - reduce dairy - reduce sugar especially drinks - regularly drink water (if you could afford, min
  5. I have my own cleaning regime and is pretty stable for me (hopefully don't need accutane in my life). Now I have fallen for the hype and am trying this product now. Whether it works or not doesn't matter to me as I am only trying my luck to see if it would help me even further. I will follow the bottle instructions of 2-3 times a day and see how it goes. I just hope that I won't get worse in the event of testing this, I rather have neutral changes as worst case scenario lol. Started at 26/05/0
  6. jojoba oil is not for everyone. I had stopped using a full bottle permanently the moment I felt my skin could not handle it (and that took me weeks of pain to accept that as a fact as I am a desperado as much as everyone else). Remember to trust your face and not the words on the bottle.