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  1. i get them aswell, the best way to treat them is to leave them, they eventually go away, also be careful of exfoliating to often
  2. man nut up, if tis so bad skip college, but at least do something, go get a job on a farm or become a priest, do something instead of wasting our air and resources, fyi, id call my skin moderate, yet id say i live a pretty damn good life, QQ moar http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...i&img=36546
  3. its good to be healthy, so it sounds worth while giving it a shot, but make sure you still eat what your body needs, and dont change to a drastically new diet straight away, incremental changes will make it easier on your body
  4. honestly, most of you guys sound like massive prudes, i think missyjean did a test about this a while back, if you want it find it have a trawl through the nutrional and holistic forums DW found it http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Nutrition-and-holistic-heal-f16.html&st=1260 seems to have been deleted though, from what i remember it made her skin softer but didn't help with the acne
  5. my advice, hormonal acupuncture, the full body type. After about 3 sessions you might see an improvement but i can almost assure you after 9 your skin would have improved a shitload.
  6. blackheads, even if i see a tiny one anywhere on my face it gets me wanting to pick at it, then i find more and more and cant stop for about 15 mins
  7. you have got to be realisitc, acne is nothing compared to quite a few diaseses out there, but we all have our times when we feel that it is the worst thing. But honestly, god has nothing to do with acne. It is yet to be proven that he/she exists, also yet to be proven that he/she doesnt. But still, he/she doesnt give a shit about your skin.
  8. if your worried about it, you could try it for a few days on just a small area of skin none is likely to notice, but i find toners excessively drying, there are several natural substances that can be used as toners though.
  9. if an oil is comedogenic it blocks pores, if its non it wont clog pores (on most people atleast) it should be fine to keep using, especially if you haven't had a breakout yet
  10. your thinking of comdnogenic oils, ones such as olive oil and castor oil dont block most peoples pores. Also if your skin isnt properly moisturised your body will create even more sebum, thus using oils such as olive oil can be helpful.
  11. hunky doryiness castor oil is hunky dory for your skin
  12. you could just go outside? much less dangerous.
  13. the idea of exfoliation is to remove a layer of skin right? or too scrub dead skin off, i don't know one that wont irritate your skin, but their are plenty that are gentle
  14. homer you could try hormonal acupuncture for your acne, and im pretty sure accutane has 0% effect on scars, except giving you more from an IB and any other pimples you may have.