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  1. I use Maybeline BB creams and Loreal foundation, and random powders sometimes. I also use blush and mascara. I use two face washes to wash my face because I realized that my makeup wasn't coming off all the way =O I first use either an acne face wash (Acnes brand) and then Shiseido white lucent foaming cleanser or vice versa :]
  2. Lots of studies show eliminating (and incorporating) certain foods to have profound effects on the body. Many people on these boards including myself, have noticed a correlation between food and acne, so I would not rule it out. My boyfriend is a doctor, his family are all doctors, quite a few of my friends' parents are doctors and I have seen way too many "health professionals" to count. Most doctors are NOT well-trained in nutrition, so I would recommend not blindly taking anyone's advice on s
  3. Do you eat a lot of acid-rich foods? I am coming to the conclusion that we should eat mainly alkaline foods, and acid-rich foods may be the cause of our problems when it is not hormonal. Good luck!!!
  4. I never realized I have wrinkles around my eyes until I was 18. My boyfriend and I were talking and he stopped me, "Why do you have wrinkles at your age? Is it because your white?" I was shocked, becaus I had never noticed wrinkles on my face before, nor thought of them. He then went on to adamentally point them out until I started crying. Of course, he also would point out my acne and I soon found out that pointing out flaws is considered a way of saying "we're getting close" in Chinese culture
  5. This is really interesting. I have had a very stressful life and chronic stress runs in my family as well (not sure if I have the stress disorder though, as life events have led to my perpetual stress I believe). I was watching a "Clear skin hypnosis" on youtube, and the guy keeps mentioning to go in your past to the stressful part of your life that caused your acne and to see it reversing. It really made me feel better, and I realize now that I have always wished to go back to my childhood and
  6. I've honestly suspected this for a while My roommate this year had pretty decent skin when we met, and seemed pretty self-assured. She went immediately into bragging when we met. Then she started sleeping in the bed only 3 feet away from me. 1 month later and she's covered in acne...2 months later and it's even worst... I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm contagious as well, because she hardly comes over and spends most of her time away now. Also, I've noticed that the geeky kids in Jun
  7. Same here. I always wonder what happened.As to the OP, good question. Why don't I get acne under my armpits though (Not complaining though! Please God...no more!!! )?
  8. Whoa, quoted for undeniable truth. I second that. I've finally moved on to looking at my hideous body instead xD I'm not anorexic, but am finally noticing I should lose 15 pounds ^^ PS: Here is another theory: Fat people are less likely to have acne because the fat blocks the toxins from escaping through the skin? Skinny people with a fast metabolism maybe have to be more careful of their diets, because they would be more prone to eating junk food? -I know even though I always ate healthy mea
  9. I suffer from chronic stress, unfortunately. Whenever I go on first dates, I break out as well...so definetely think stress is linked to acne. And I've never had a single break in mine xD
  10. I don't have oily skin. Would this work for those of us with normal skin, but still suffering from acne? Also, does this apply to sex or just masturbation? Do we have to permanently cut these things out, or just until everything is better?
  11. Well, I've had it nearly 10 years and am almost 23 now sooo it depends on how long it takes. If I'm 35 or 40, I'll have already killed myself so I guess if I am 25 then I'll go swimming without makeup...have professional photos taken to capture my nice skin just incase so at least I can remember the few moments in my life I had clear skin (aka. that moment and age 12 and under haha). Since I've tried pretty much everything (I'll write a list on my and acne's 10 year anniversary ), I'll try and m
  12. Maybe you are just more attuned with how you look now. I'll tell you a funny story of my realization that happened only 1 week ago. So I'm 22 years old and have gone through my entire life considering myself quite the thin person. Note: I'm American. I moved to Asia 1.5 years ago and suddenly was surrounded by thin people, but still saw myself as thin. However, I never heard so many people (men and women) talking about their weight/diets in my entire life. Naturally I began looking at my
  13. You look fine. Seriously I would love to have your skin. WTF why am I cursed :'(
  14. Myadultacnecure

    female hair

    In Japan its very common for women to shave their face. I never noticed until my boyfriend pointed it out to me. Then when I was going grocery shopping etc. I suddenly started noticing facial shaving razors (for women) all over the place...and Japanese women are known for very nice skin. So, shaving your face could always work...but maybe try a razor made for this exact purpose...they are different than regular razors. I've started shaving my face, but haven't noticed much difference except for
  15. I second Euphoria by Calivin Klein. If you are looking for something slightly masculine, Burberry is great. I've tried a lot of their scents (maybe all ;. I really like sweet scents, but don't feel they suit how I look (not very sweet...), so right now Im using Daisy by Marc Jacobs. I think it smells slightly masculine as well, but still nice. You should go to a perfume shop and try them out on your own skin though. I've found the way they smell when I'm wearing them is often different th