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  1. I might give this a try - I have tried using baking soda in the past, but I used it as a weekly exfoliator and found that using it that way (probably I was too vigorous with the scrubbing as I do tend to be) then it really irritated my skin I don't really want to use an oil as a moisturizer though, not sure how well that would work with my makeup routine? I definitely cannot go without some sort of a moisturizer, my skin gets very dry very quickly and things go from bad to worse
  2. I used to never let my boyfriend see me w/o makeup either - but we moved in together relatively quickly and it seemed silly to wear makeup 24/7 not to mention terrible for my skin, it was never a problem for him so I forced myself to accept not wearing makeup at home around him I feel you on the pain of years of not being blemish-free. I'm almost 28 and have been battling my skin since I was 12 or 13...probably started wearing makeup not long after that and have been covering my skin up ever si
  3. I joined the EM bandwagon for a while but ended up jumping off because I wasn't happy with the way it looked on me There definitely wasn't enough coverage for my liking - I tried putting it on wet, dry, mixing colours, mixing concealers, tried different brushes, you name it I tried it...coverage was never enough for me, and I found when I got close to get any decent amount of coverage my face looked very wierd, can't really explain it I ended up using a different liquid foundation with EM over
  4. I don't go without makeup...not anywhere public anyway. I won't even run downstairs to the laundry room in my apartment building without it on. My family, boyfriend (who I live with) and a few close friends have seen me without makeup, but I am way too mortified to leave my house without at least foundation, cover up and powder on.
  5. I had my eyebrows waxed once while on accutane...I had no idea you weren't supposed to! I literally had no skin around my eyebrows, the wax ripped it all off...my eyebrows were a raw mess until the skin grew back - my poor estitician was horrified!
  6. MAC for sure! I have a lot of MAC brushes and hands down they beat any other brush I've ever tried! I can't even think of the names of all the brushes I've tried, but Everyday Minerals, Mary Kay, Jane Iredale are some of them I had a gorgeous buffing brush from Jane Iredale that I loved, cost me like $50...which I had no problem with if it has lasted! Darned thing fell apart, literally exploded out of the handle after 2-3 years of use...and I take good care of my brushes! I've never had a prob
  7. Great job covering up your spots! I'm like you, I refuse to leave my house without makeup on! I currently use StudioSculpt from MAC in combination with a MAC concealer for spots (can't remember which one) and find it works really well I usually use a sponge to blend the foundation from the areas that I don't really need so much, like around my nose, chin, forehead, under eyes so it looks more natural and the only area that really looks like I'm wearing a lot of foundation is my cheek area where