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  1. Yes, it helped the icepick scar a lot, it's almost completely gone. The other scars barely improved at all. It was $700 for the three excisions, with some minimal dermabrasion.
  2. I had a VERY narrow and deep icepick scar on the bridge of my nose. I had excision done on that one as well as two other wider, more shallow scars. The icepick scar is the only one that significantly improved from the excision.
  3. Does anyone have any experience with laser photorejuvenation treatments? In particular here is the treatment I am referring to:http://www.laserandwellness.com/shopcontent.asp?type=skin_resurfacing This place is offering a groupon for $200 for 3 treatments. I have thin skin from using Accutane (which in turns caused some premature wrinkles) as well as some depressed scars from chicken pox and acne. I have heard that this procedure can stimulate collegen growth which I think would be beneficial
  4. Ok it's been a little over a year, here's a few comments. I think a lot of the improvement I saw in the first few months after the surgery was due to swelling. My scars are definitely still there. I don't think they are worse, actually I think the tiny deep icepick on my nose has improved a lot, but the other two are just maybe slightly better. Would I do it again? Probably not. $700 is a lot of money and the recovery was not pleasant. It sucked having to wear band aids all over my face. Peopl
  5. Just wanted to say I did go for the last bloodtest on Friday. The next day I got a notice in the mail from iPledge saying: "Dear Patient, Your first post-therapy Pregnancy Test Results (due upon completion of isotretinoin therapy) are overdue. Please arrange for the post-therapy pregnancy test with your doctor. If yo have already completed your post-therapy pregnancy test, please disregard this message." First post-therapy test? I hope they don't expect me to have any more. Anyway, to answer
  6. What are you talking about? Being on accutane was not torture, and it cleared my skin 100%. I'm not even sure my depression symptoms are because of accutane.
  7. The reason I ask is I've been experiencing symptoms of depression since finishing my accutane treatment. I don't know if it's related or not, as I have a family history of bipolar disorder. I'm considering seeing someone but don't want to risk that it will prevent me from going on accutane again, if I need it.
  8. "Because of its high lipophilicity, oral absorption of isotretinoin is enhanced when the drug is administered with a high-fat meal. In a crossover study of 74 healthy adults who received a single 80-mg isotretinoin dose (as two 40-mg capsules) under fasted and fed conditions, both the peak plasma concentration and total area under the plasma concentration-time curve (AUC) of the drug were more than doubled when isotretinoin was administered immediately after a standardized high-fat meal compared
  9. Does anyone know if a dermatologist will still prescribe accutane if the patient has been treated/diagnosed with depression or other mental health issues? Will they even find out if the patient doesn't mention it? Thanks
  10. Then why isn't everyone required to have a blood test after finishing their course? If it's required by iPledge, it should be universal.
  11. Yeah I thought it seemed kind of strange...especially since at my second-to-last appointment she told me that was the last time I'd need a blood test, and yet here's another. I have told her in the past how difficult having the blood test is for me. I have gotten physically sick and almost fainted. The only thing that helps is if I sit in that reclining chair thing. I wonder if my derm would be upset with me if I "forgot" to have the test done? I do have to see her in 3 months for a follow up.
  12. That honestly never happened to me. Sometimes I would forget to take a dose and I would catch up the next couple days, i.e. I would take 3 instead of 2 pills over the next 2 days. I'm not recommending that, however, since I never asked my doctor what to do. Probably the safest is just to wait until the next day, in case you have already taken your dose.
  13. At my last appointment my dermatologist told me to go for one last blood test a month after I took my last pill. She said it was so she could "close me out of the system". Why is this necessary? I'm no longer on accutane, and every single one of my blood tests have been fine, she said so herself. Now I really, really hate having venipuncture and I'm wondering if I can blow it off or if this will create problems? Anyone else been in this position?
  14. Probably not, unless I hear of something really good. I do use a Vitamin C serum as a moisturizer a few times a week.
  15. I was given Finacea samples at my last appointment, and I began using it right after the end of my course. I did notice an immediate, though not huge, improvement in my red marks. After using it for a week now I'd say the improvement has leveled off. I still think it is effective though and plan to ask for a prescription. I think that it can also help treat/prevent acne in the future.