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    All hail the Benzoyl Peroxide! Long live the Benzoyl Peroxide! (",)
  1. Yes, I've heard of Oxy. They make many different products, so I'm not sure which you are asking about. You might check the product ratings. http://www.acne.org/rate.php

  2. hi brandy! hv u heard an acne product called OXY? is it okay for my oily skin?

  3. ola! Right now Im doing fine. I've started using BP for 2 months now. N it starts to show some improvement now. how r you? hope you r doing fine... :)

  4. Thanks, how's it going?!?

  5. I've been trying out the Olay Witchhazel Toner and my skin's been improving.

  6. ola! thanx for being my new friend! How your skin progress? i jz started the regimen for 3 weeks n i cn see my skin tend to b better. =)

  7. Thank you very much!

  8. Hey, there! Thanx so much for the tips! How can ever I repay your kindness... ;)

  9. Hey, there! Love the topics! ;)

  10. hi, there! Love your topics =)

  11. Ola! thanx for the tips. I guess i hv to spend lot of time under the sun... :( are you sure dat the vitamins did nothing to your skin? I always take vit. B+, C and lecithin E and my skin tend to be better than i thought.. all of the vitamins are good for the skin.

  12. Hello! I'm not sure what you are talking about. Do you mean my last thread about sun tanning? If is it, yep, tanning works well for some people. In my opinion those with dark skin. But you should tan sparingly since it's has a lot of negative effects.

  13. does the acne stays clear for a long period?? if it does, i think i've got to try it someday hehehe. p/s it's not a myth rite?

  14. is this product affordable???

  15. wow! what an awesome topic.