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  1. hi im on yaz to for my acne,. but yes no matter what you want to start the next pill the very next day you end never go by your period!
  2. shereece182


    Hi im pretty much in the same boat to so lets row together! haha but seriously ive had moderate ance for about a for 3 years nothing has helped my face ,i just want clear skin so bad again! my dermo told me to try YAZ and they said 1-2 months it will get better then it should be clear. ive been on it for almost 2 weeks and nothing has happened odvisously. but try to stay on it for another month ,i say if you dont start to notice a difference by then change to something else
  3. does any one know if birth control pills{like yaz} will help fade acne scars
  4. i have moderate acne ive only been on YAZ for a week 1/2 and i noticed im starting to break out more! whats happening?? should i still stay on YAZ?
  5. ya its like you cant help it ... i did it alot to. but try to occupy yourself and not think about it. pick pimples can cause it to spread to another area and giving you more ... picking scabs can cause scars and take foreveer to finally heal up, so if you keep your self from picking for a week you definetly will notice a difference and it will make you want to keep it that way . so avoid it!
  6. hi i just started YAZ four days ago and im taking it for my acne i hear more good results than bad... but i haop it works for you too! try to keep me updated
  7. im 16 years old ive had acne since i was 13 it has calmed down since i got older but i still have it. i went to my dermo. and she said that yaz will clear my skin. i start it in about two days (sunday) and im very nervous because some people say they got great results and it really does work and others say it made their acnce worse